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[1991-07-29-USWA] Jeff Jarrett & Robert Fuller vs Bar Room Brawlers


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Plunder aplenty in this wild brawl, with all the guys involved wearing street clothes and throwing bar stools and chairs at anything that moves. Fun outing. Even though I really enjoyed this, I think I would have enjoyed it more if it was pro shot. Still, too many highlights to call this anything less than good. Very cool that they went all out on a house show.

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I don't even know what that tall wood thing was supposed to be. Looked kind of like a ticket booth. This has a grainy feel to it and is from a distance so you see a lot of plunder being used but don't get the intense close ups. The action was definitely fun but preventive based on the footage available. MOrrell going rogue at the end also didn't make sense to me.

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The Brawlers had each pounded Morrell at some point in the match, so since there were no rules he decided to get his own payback, which also included a noticeably fast count after the spike piledriver by Jarrett and Fuller at the end.


This seemed oddly limited to me, which is a strange thing to say about a match with so many weapons. How many times can one man hit another with a chair or ram them into a bar, though? This also seemed more like two ingles matches than a tag match, as I didn't notice Jeff and Robert switching off much, if at all. Once they selected a Brawler to fight at the beginning, that was the guy they fought throughout. Not knowing who the Brawlers were didn't help either; the camera was too far away for me to even try to guess their identities by sight.


This was chaotic and fun, but not particularly memorable. Still, we don't get much Memphis house show footage, so for that reason alone this was nice to see.

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Looks like they had set up a mock bar in the ring for the fight with the...Bar Room Brawlers. Not sure why you would want them right at home, but I digress. There is probably a reason bars don't use folding metal chairs. Fun little brawl with Morrell getting more and more abused by the Brawlers, one of them even kicks him to stop a count that is clearly not going to reach 10. So he whacks one with a chair to set up the spike piledriver. I guess the bartender gets involved after all. Memphis comes up with some wacky concepts that just shouldn't work, but somehow manage to. Like this.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-07-29-USWA] Jeff Jarrett & Robert Fuller vs Bar Room Brawlers

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