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[1991-08-03-WCW-Saturday Night] Interview: Steve Austin & Lady Blossom / Control Center


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  • 3 months later...

Johnny B. Badd purchased new earrings for Lady Blossom, and Austin has a problem with that. If I remember right, they were really pushing that Lady Blossom was Badd's fag hag.


Gordon Solie talks about the vacant U.S. title, which will be decided in a one-night tournament at The Omni.


Two thoughts on this:


1. It seems like waiting just a week and a half longer and building the Clash around this would have been a better idea.


2. The championship picture was a mess in the promotion at the time, with both the U.S. and World tag team titles vacant, and the World title just recently vacant.


We close out with a clip of the Luger turn at the Bash that went over like a lead balloon, but Luger's promo is okay.


These were tough times for WCW.

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Looks like the Badd babyface turn is on already. Austin's promo is interrupted by Lady Blossom checking out her new earrings--"Johnny B." gave them to her. Austin browbeats her and they storm off. It almost goes without saying that World Class Jeannie is better than this subversive Miss Elizabeth wannabe.


The U.S. title has been vacated, to be held in a "one night round robin" tournament. Involving Barry Windham, Nikita Koloff, Bobby Eaton, Arn Anderson, Dustin Rhodes, Sting, Steve Austin, Diamond Studd, Z-Man, Yellow Dog, and Johnny B. Badd. WTF, Gordon--do the people producing this segment not know what a "round robin" is?


We get a post-match interview from the GAB from Luger, talking up his attitude adjustment and new frame of mind. Well, this is timely.


Gordon updates us on the World Tag Title tournament. I know the Flair firing and Steiner injury weren't planned, but two title tournaments ongoing at the same time is a little much.

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Badd seems to be a good guy and now into chicks as he gives Lady Blossom some new earrings. Austin tosses them aside.


New tournament to determine new US Champion now that Luger is World Champion. But there is also a tournament to crown Tag Team champions. I know Scott got injured but a lot to run two tournaments at once to crown different champions.

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I decided to start with the Control Center.


Luger's promo doesn't really cement his heel turn. He's a little more cocky than he was before the Bash, but he doesn't insult the fans or challenge people like Sting to signal that he's on the other side of the fence. Harley's pretty straightforward himself, although he looks kind of silly trying to be hip at the end when he says that Luger's "all TO-GETHAH". The only heelish thing about this triumvirate at the moment is Hughes, and that's mostly because of his past with the York Foundation.


I get the point about two simultaneous tournaments being a little much, but what else could they have done? They'd just done a number one contenders' match for the World title, and having another one of those would be one too many as well. The tag team tournament was on TV, while the US tournament was at an Omni house show, so most fans didn't see both. A Clash built around the US title tournament wouldn't have been the worst idea, though, especially since Sting went over at the end.


As for the Austin stuff, I know each booker likes to do things their own way, and to Dusty every woman in an on-camera role either had been a Jezebel, was currently a Jezebel, or was looking to be a Jezebel in the future. But if he'd watched one interview of Jeannie's from Dallas, he would have seen how effective she could be with Austin. This mousy little wallflower that we saw here couldn't wear Liz's high heels, and while Austin channeled 1985 Randy Savage pretty well, this segment was a total disappointment. Jeannie did as well as she could, but if this is all she's going to be in WCW, they need to get Austin to the Dangerous Alliance in a hurry.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-08-03-WCW-Saturday Night] Interview: Steve Austin & Lady Blossom / Control Center

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