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[1991-08-03-GWF] Jim Cornette, Stan Lane & Steve Cox


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Cornette and Lane have made their way to Global. They announce Steve Cox as Stan Lane's partner, and the storyline is that Lane can't enter the tournament without a partner, so Cox, who they can't stand, is who they are stuck with as a partner. Cox pleads to "Do It To It", you might say, and try to work together. Lane tells him to follow the leader.


We cut to the ring, and Cornette does a professional introduction of Stan Lane and treats Steve Cox like an afterthought in a funny moment. Cornette and Lane tell Cox to keep his eyes open and mouth shut. This is a cute angle.

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Stan Lane, the greatest tag wrestler of all-time, is forbidden from entering the GWF Tag Title Tournament without a partner. So he's assigned Steve Cox--they're the original Odd Couple! Cornette and Lane are fine with this because they could win the tournament with anybody, but they treat Cox as a hanger-on. This is funny stuff, especially Cornette's half-hearted ring intro.

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It would be something if all this awkwardness between the three of these guys turns out to be a ruse and Cox has actually been on their side all along. Sweet Stan and Sexy Steve has a ring to it, don't you think?


I've missed Corny too, but like Memphis, Global seems to be a bit too small for him. This would have been a great time for him and Stan to jump to the WWF and somehow pry Bobby Eaton loose from WCW to reform the MX, but they'd have gotten lost in the shuffle with the likes of the Nasties, the Disasters, and later Money Inc. Besides, Corny wanted to be his own boss eventually. In fact, I've heard that his and Stan's time in Global was more of a reconnaissance mission to see what it would take to start his own promotion than anything else, but I could be wrong.


That's Boni Blackstone on the second interview, right? She seems a little miffed at having to deal with Corny and Stan, for whatever reason.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-08-03-GWF] Jim Cornette, Stan Lane & Steve Cox

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