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[1991-08-05-WWF-Primetime Wrestling] Jake Roberts vs Typhoon


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Earthquake runs in for the DQ after about 4 minutes. Lucifer is about to go the way of Damian when Andre the Giant is out on crutches to make the save. This distracts the Disasters long enough for Jake to chase them out of the ring with the snake.

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Jake still a good guy and playing to fans. Earthquake ends up interfering and threatening another quake of a snake. Andre slowly makes his way to ring and Earthquake probably could have hit three Quake Splashes on the snake during the time. We get to see Lucifer. I guess this caps this feud.

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This felt more like a Superstars main event than anything else. It really wasn't a blowoff, though, and I wonder if knowing that the expected direction of the feud based on everything we've seen so far (Jake/Andre vs. Disasters) was going to be impossible to pull off made Vince pull the trigger on Jake's turn once and for all. I don't honestly think there was much left for Jake as a face at this point, save perhaps an IC title feud with Curt (which would have required Bret to stay a tag wrestler and might have led to him leaving).


Phoon really isn't much as a singles wrestler, which might be another reason why he was turned. Quake was definitely the workhorse of that team, if there was such a thing.


I like that they didn't have Andre run in and clean house with his crutches, which would have been ludicrous considering his condition. Besides, they would have either had to mention his fear of snakes or ignore it completely, and both of those options would have been awkward at this point in time.


Lucifer isn't really that much more fearsome than Damien was, at least by his looks on TV. It doesn't really matter, though, since we'll be getting the cobra once Jake's heel turn takes effect.


Not that I'd expect them to mention this, but one of the supposed selling points of the DDT when Jake was fighting guys such as Bundy and Kamala was that the DDT was more effective against bigger men because their weight would add to the impact on their neck and spine. That's for Lord Alfred, who "wondered" how Jake would be able to DDT Phoon.


For the record, they were running Jake/Quake as late as 8/12 in Tucson, according to Graham's site, then Jake was off the road until after the "reboot" of his heel turn at SummerSlam.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-08-05-WWF-Primetime Wrestling] Jake Roberts vs Typhoon

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