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[1991-08-10-USWA-Memphis TV] Eddie Marlin announcement / Interview: Eric Embry / Mid-South Coliseum Presentation


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Eddie Marlin sends in a tape with an announcement. Every wrestler in the USWA is now under an open contract, which means no individual contract signings for matches are no longer necessary, which is great because it reduces administrative burden. Eddie got a request from Dirty White Boy and Dirty White Girl that he intends to fulfill - Dirty White Boy & Dirty White Girl vs Eric Embry & Miss Texas, with the loser of the fall getting their head shaved. Embry is just as thrilled with that announcement as you would imagine. This Embry run is starting to look like one of the best six month heel runs anyone has ever had.


In the next segment, Jerry Lawler is being presented with a plaque to say thank you from Mid South Coliseum, for 20 years of matches in the building. This is how they're announcing that they are returning to Mid South Coliseum. They stress that the parking lots are safe, the seats are soft, the building is air conditioned, security has been added and closer ringside seats are available. I love that they went overboard to make this clear to people, as I think some of their drawing woes were because of all of these things.

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Eddie Marlin thanks everyone for Homecoming '91--the return of the USWA to the Mid-South Coliseum. The USWA also now has all wrestlers under an open contract, which eliminates a bureaucratic step in signing matches. He announces a lights-out match between the Dirty White Boy & Girl against Eric Embry & Miss Texas--no disqualifications, no time limit, loser of the fall gets their head shaved! That's a pretty big-sounding match that I hope is not an excuse for another copout on the stips. Embry is incensed, threatening to literally kill Marlin if something happens to him.


Now a plaque from the Mid-South Coliseum celebrating the USWA's return to the building--evidently the issues over the rent and the parking fees and the concessions have been resolved to everyone's satisfaction. Even in the legitimate office setting with presumably legitimate executives I'm halfway expecting/hoping to see Leatherface run out and take a chainsaw to the plaque.

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Marlin talks about wrestlers now being under open contracts and available to wrestle anyone. Big tag match set with loser getting their head shaved. Embry manages to cut a promo without pulling the straps down of his shirt.


USWA back to being in the Mid South Coliseum. Where they belong. Ha, Leatherface using the chainsaw to the plaque would have been funny.

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What happened to the smaller, more intimate fan friendly setting of the Pipkin Building? It was cheaper too, as I recall. Now Lawler's dying in the heat and fans are complaining about the benches? Seems to me that you wouldn't have had a territory if it wasn't for that building, Eddie (and Papa Jarrett), so you could have at least waited a week to bury it. I agree that Memphis wrestling belongs in the MSC, though,


The open contract thing really doesn't make a difference in the product; in fact, I'd be surprised if it plays much of a role in the booking from here on out. I can get behind the mixed tag idea, but who's going to eat the fall? I don't think they dare shave Kim's head, Jackie hasn't been around long enough for it to matter, and Embry's still got some miles left on him. My guess would be Anthony taking the loss, but he seems to be going bald, so shaving his head wouldn't mean much either. The way I see it, they've got to have the guts to shave either Embry or Kim's head, and I'm betting on neither.


Embry cuts another killer promo here, threatening to kill Eddie if anything happens to him. Dave tries to pass it off as just more heel hot air, but that's still a shock, as most promotions strictly forbade mentioning death at that time (except in the case of gimmicks like Taker). That's one reason why the most terrible thing most wrestlers would say is something like "You're going down, brother!" I have a feeling that it'll be between Embry and Jake for 91's Heel of the Year.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-08-10-USWA-Memphis TV] Eddie Marlin announcement / Interview: Eric Embry / Mid-South Coliseum Presentation

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