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[1991-08-10-USWA-Memphis TV] Jerry Lawler vs Leatherface / Jerry Lawler BBQ


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Clip from Mid South Coliseum of Lawler setting Leatherface's outfit on fire to win a match! This is followed by Dave Brown interviewing Jerry Lawler. Lawler has asked to be interviewed outside today because he's holding a BBQ! He says he's a horrible cook because he burns everything, which is a way of promising fire on Monday night. Lawler's hair will also be on the line on Monday night. I guess they have to do tricks like this when Lawler is trying to draw against Reggie B. Fine and Awesome Kong. Cool setup.

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Jerry Lawler throws fire at Leatherface, and his apron catches on fire! That's an easy finish for Lawler and a wild sight.


Dave Brown is in the WMC parking lot interviewing Jerry Lawler, burning marshmallows and burgers over a barbecue as a metaphor for what's going to happen to new Unified World Champion Awesome Kong and Reggie B. Fine. It'll be a title match as well as Lawler's hair against Fine's fur coat. Yeah, fairly odd in a kayfabe sense that Awesome Kong is a threat to get Lawler to put up his hair and not Embry, or Gilbert. Lawler burns a faceshot of Reggie B. Fine as an exclamation point for this promo.

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I about fell out of my seat when Lawler threw the fireball on Leatherface who caught on fire. Great finish. Lawler doing some BBQ in parking lot being interviewed by Dave Brown. I do like BBQ. Lawler putting his hair on the line. Everyone is USWA seems to be putting their hair up in matches.

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I thought the barbecue stuff was clever and a different way to show a Lawler interview. Promising fire standing in the studio and actually showing yourself burning something, even it it's only a few marshmallows, are two entirely different things. I agree about these two being a reason to put up your hair when a sworn enemy like Embry isn't, but it's not like they'd actually allow Lawler's head to be shaved even if he lost clean in the middle of the ring, so that's a moot point. The only intrigue there seems to be about this is if Lawler's going to wear Reggie's fur coat into the WMC studios for a little gloating the following week.


I thought Awesome Kong was one of the Texas bunch. I guess they decided that that group was getting a little too big for its own good, especially since Embry's getting all the face time now.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-08-10-USWA-Memphis TV] Jerry Lawler vs Leatherface / Jerry Lawler BBQ

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