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[1991-08-10-USWA-Memphis TV] Tom Prichard vs Dirty White Boy


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This is a series I'd love to see in the Sportatorium, but it wasn't to be. While Memphis has had more competitive studio matches than usual in 1991 and this is the better one, it's still not a setting that's meant to give us long, competitive matches. They do a lot with the time they have, but I know they can do better. Eric Embry runs in for the DQ after about five minutes and the heels drop DWB knee first on the chair and then start attacking it with the Texas flag. Jeff Jarrett finally makes the save. Miss Texas tries attacking Jarrett and he actually punches her! It's crazy how comfortable Memphis babyfaces are hitting women.

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Good studio match that makes you want to see this in a full arena setting, be it the Pipkin Building, MSC, or Sportatorium. Predictable finish as Eric Embry runs in for the DQ, and they take a page from the Jumbo Tsuruta playbook (as all Memphis heels do) and drop Anthony's knee onto a chair. They continue to work over the knee with Tojo's Texas flag before Jeff Jarrett makes the save. Miss Texas tries to attack Jarrett and she gets a punch to the face for it! Well, at least they tried to justify it this time. Strong segment all-around from the match to the post-match attack.

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Did anyone see Jackie trying to beat the crap out of Jeff? That's more than enough justification (at least in this context) for Jeff to hit her. It could have been worse; he could have put the figure-four on and tried to break her leg. Seriously, I think we need to stop being so shocked that males hit females in the USWA. Papa obviously sees nothing at all wrong with it and continues to book it even though male/female violence killed Dallas for him, so our moral outrage and disgust serves no good purpose. That's not to say that we should condone it, but it's a fact of life we need to accept in order to continue watching the USWA.


Turning to the bout, I agree that they packed a lot of action into just over eight minutes, counting the beatdown at the end. It certainly felt longer than eight minutes, not rushed at all. I would have liked to have seen an arena match too, but this got its story told quite nicely. The problem is, how much longer can they sustain the Texas stuff when there's no more Dallas to run? The Texas belt in particular serves no purpose anymore and should be either junked or merged with the Southern title. The beating Embry and Prichard put on Tony's knee was pretty sick-looking for TV, and it's interesting that Jeff makes the save.


I'm guessing that the Lawler/Embry stuff is done for good, probably because one of them wouldn't lay down for the other. That's a shame, because it was shaping up as an epic final showdown the likes of which Lawler hasn't had in quite a while Certainly Awesome Kong and the Dragon Master haven't fit that bill and aren't likely to. We can claim missed opportunity all we like, but unless they wanted to take a chance on Embry leaving altogether, they had no choice but to honor his wish not to lose to Lawler, which I'm betting is why the feud was ended. Without Embry (and possibly Prichard), Christopher Love would be the new top heel in Memphis, which to me is reason enough to cater to almost any of Embry's whims.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-08-10-USWA-Memphis TV] Tom Prichard vs Dirty White Boy

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