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[1991-08-10-WCW-Saturday Night] Interview: Lex Luger & Harley Race


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I think they could have run Luger/Windham as a top feud for longer than they're appearing to here. Simmons has had very little in terms if a singles career, so it's puzzling why he's being elevated. We can't even use Bill Watts as an excuse; he wouldn't be coming to WCW for at least six months.


There's still no hard and fast evidence of Luger being a heel, incredibly enough. You could say that he's going after an obvious fan favorite like Simmons, but he could do that as a tweener, too. They need him to do something outrageous and dastardly to make the turn complete, or else leave him as is and send him after everyone, faces and heels alike.


On another note, I can't quite understand their decision to push the piledriver as Luger's new finisher to the exclusion of the Torture Rack. If it had been Harley's killer finisher back in the day, this would have been understandable, but it wasn't. He used it, to be sure, but it wasn't a go-to move or anything like that. The only reason I can think of is that the Rack was so over as a hold that Dusty didn't want the fans popping for it and accidentally heeling whoever Luger was in the ring with. That's not the best reason in the world, but I can see Dusty being concerned that it could happen.

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