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[1991-08-10-GWF] Stan Lane & Steve Cox vs Chris Walker & Steve Simpson / Interview: Jim Cornette & Stan Lane


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Just the finish of Lane trying to hit Steve Simpson with the racket, and Steve Cox trying to stop him because he had the match in hand with a sleeper. But this creates a distraction just long enough for Cox to get rolled up for a pin. Lane and Cornette leave Cox laying after the match for his trouble.


Cornette's interview is great! He is way too good to be working in small promotions at this point.

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The Cox and Lane tandem reaches its inevitable conclusion, as Cox refuses to allow Lane to use the tennis racket, and he gets dropkicked into Lane and pinned and knocked out of the Global Tag Title tournament. Lane and Cornette lay Cox out with the racket afterward--surprised they were even allowed to show racket shots. Johnson talks about how disgusting this is moments after describing Cornette's attack in terms of tennis terminology.


Cornette complains about getting saddled with Steve Cox afterward and starts pushing Lane as a singles wrestler. We need to savor every moment of Cornette that we get on these yearbooks. Supposedly the WWF was interested in having Cornette as manager to Ric Flair and I'm baffled as to how that, or Cornette coming in to take over for Heenan, never came off.

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WCW also offered Cornette a similar angle to the Dangerous Alliance as their top heel manager, which he turned down, before they made the same offer to Heyman. He was in demand at the time, but was just really disillusioned with the national wrestling scene.

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I thought this may end differently, but it was nicely done. I like how they really made Stan's attempted interference seem superfluous; Cox was already in command of the match, so the only reason Corny wanted Stan to interfere was so they could claim that they did all the work and Cox was nothing. Corny really lays in the racquet shots, and I agree that Craig describing the attack in tennis terms is a bit off to say the least, though he does sell disgust at Corny and Stan's actions well, ending by expressing relief that they lost. The interview afterward was good stuff, but we all know that it didn't lead to anything major, so it's a bit anticlimactic. Other than a few indy shots, I believe that the next time we see Corny will be in SMW.


I would have loved to see Corny and Flair as a unit in the WWF just to give Hogan someone new to play off of. I'll have to see how Heyman did with the DA before I comment on how Corny would have done in his place, but his prior association with Eaton would certainly have given him a leg up. I would have expected to see Lane, and possibly Tom Prichard as well. Who that would have left out in the cold I'm not sure.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-08-10-GWF] Stan Lane & Steve Cox vs Chris Walker & Steve Simpson / Interview: Jim Cornette & Stan Lane

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