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Blah blah Attitude Adjustment blah blah Total Package blah blah arrived. These interviews aren't bad, and Luger/Race/Hughes aren't a bad combination, but this heel turn is still coming off as an anticlimax.


Dangerously editorializes about Luger's greatness, and...does he really expect us to buy that no one has ever given him credit for his intelligence before? Did Paul E. zone out every time he called a Luger match with Jim Ross?

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Not much to add to the general consensus here. At least we get an "If you don't like it, too bad", which is the closest thing to a heelish statement that the so-called "new" Luger has made yet. Race has disappointed me so far; I thought he'd be doing most of the talking, but what little he does really isn't anything special, and he sounds nothing like the get-to-the-point tough guy whose interviews were always compelling if not flowery. Hughes stands there, holds the belt, and looks tough; give me Ace Orton any day.


I've always suspected that this turn was a mistake, and now I'm more convinced than ever. What was wrong with giving Barry the title and letting Luger chase again if Dusty thought they needed a heel champ? Or if Luger needed the title (which he did by now if he was ever going to get it), he should have beaten Windham as a face. Let Harley be in Barry's corner if you want to use him and keep Hughes with the Yorks. The only face that's a truly compelling matchup for Luger at this point is Sting, and I understand that they don't want to burn that match too soon, but it could have been done as a babyface Clash of the Titans at some point; they didn't need to have Luger as a halfhearted heel at best.


Nice to see Magnum again; I had no idea he was in an on-air role this late (though it makes sense that he is, what with Dusty being booker again).

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-08-11-WCW-Main Event] Danger Zone

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