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[1991-08-12-WWF-Primetime Wrestling] Randy Savage's Bachelor Party


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Savage having entrance music to his bachelor party is nothing less than I'd expect from the guy. Sean Mooney (Yes, Jerry Von Kramer, Sean Mooney!), Bobby Heenan, the Bushwhackers, Gorilla Monsoon, Slick, Gene Okerlund, Koko B. Ware, Lord Alfred Hays, a random pirate and a girl who I think is supposed to be a blind sock hop stereotype, among others, are in attendance. There is a case of Budweasal on the set! Heenan hires a stripper of course, and we get to see everyone dance with her. She's probably better described as an exotic dancer, actually, as Piper is the one who hires the stripper. She jumps out of a cake and Gorilla and Heenan get disturbingly into her act. Sean Mooney chanting "Take it off" out of sync with everyone else is hilarious! Jake shows up and can't get into the party because his name was left off the list in an interesting bit of foreshadowing. He says Warrior gets the final piece of the puzzle on Thursday night. Good hints of a heel turn here to close out an awesomely campy series of segments.

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Not one of the better camp segments the WWF has done when you compare it to the earlier Savage stuff or the Oktoberfest SNME. We get Abraham Lincoln and a guy that I only half-jokingly believe to be Jeff Gaylord wandering around among the other attendees. Gorilla's indignation over the Bushwhackers' choice of video ("THOSE AREN'T EVEN SHEEP!") is pretty funny. Bobby Heenan provides a belly dancer and Roddy Piper provides a stripper. And then we suddenly get a left turn as we cut to an angry Jake Roberts, who failed to get an invite. Jake cuts a creepy promo hyping the Warrior's final test--from this teaser it appears they're already writing off the Warrior for anything post-SummerSlam and already have plans for Jake vs. Sid. Gearshift angle!

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There is some woman smoking a huge cigar which Mean Gene seems to really enjoy watching. This guest list is pretty small with unlikely people like Heenan and Slick being invited. Okerlund is the life of the party. Mooney is a party killer as he would rather plug Hulk Hogan’s hotline. Everyone gets more excited when the stripper shows up. They could have made this more funny if they switched up some of the guests.


Heenan runs into Roberts in the hallway. Jake is not happy that he didn’t get invited to party. He has a few words for Warrior.

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I didn't hear a lot of the party stuff; it was just too chaotic, which I'm sure was the intent but makes the whole thing sort of tough to sit through. I didn't think we needed both a stripper and an exotic dancer, and Slick as a guest is just plain jarring; I guess he was there to give Heenan someone to talk to.


You'd think they would have arranged for a Hogan appearance to give the thing a bit of star power. Think about it: you're a former WWF Champion, you're getting married on pay-per-view in two weeks, and the best you can do for bachelor party guests are Koko B. Ware and the Bushwhackers (and let's not forget Jamison)? Even Jake would have helped, but it seems he wasn't invited.


Speaking of which, that was odd timing for such a serious promo, especially mentioning "Thursday night" as the time of Warrior's final test. For a second, I wondered of they were doing a special Thursday night show of some sort on USA, but that would have made three shows in six days counting SummerSlam Spectacular. Jake was great as usual, and you can't miss the foreshadowing, but maybe they'd have been better off doing it on videotape.


I had a hard time figuring out whether Gino or Mooney was supposed to be the host here; I know Sean took over as host before too long, as he was there the night Heenan brought Flair in early September. I'd have thought Vince would have at least made a cameo, but as I mentioned a while back, he bailed on this format a long time ago and wouldn't be back until the roundtable era started.


Piper in wrestling gear? For a bachelor party? (You can see his boots clearly in several shots.)


Moment of the night other than Jake's promo: Gino lifting the stripper out of the cake. Gentleman or dirty old buzzard? He took that secret to his grave, presumably.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-08-12-WWF-Primetime Wrestling] Randy Savage's Bachelor Party

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