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[1991-08-17-USWA-Memphis TV] Jerry Lawler vs Awesome Kong / Interview: Jerry Lawler / Dragon Master vignette


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Clip of Lawler pinning Awesome Kong at MSC. Lawler is out for an interview in one of the ugliest shirts I've ever seen when Christopher Love interrupts. We hear his voice, but don't see him. He blames Jerry Lawler for putting the AWA and WCCW out of business and he's here for revenge, because Lawler has put him on the unemployment line for three years. He is determined to make Lawler lose his house and car.


He announces that he is sending the Dragon Master after Lawler, and we get a music video hyping his arrival, which is just him in a dragon mask while eerie music plays. Lawler wants to know why all the monsters and freaks are always coming after him. Memphis wrestling.

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Fun finish from the MSC, as Lawler dodges a powder toss from Reggie B. Fine and torches him with a fireball. A blinded Kong trips over a blinded, crawling Fine and gets rolled up for the pin, and Lawler regains the Unified World title.


Lawler is out for his celebratory interview when the voice of Christopher "Honey" Love cuts into the PA--Love places the responsibility of the demise of the AWA and World Class on Lawler's shoulders for winning their respective titles and not defending them, costing him a job both times. Love has been waiting for 3 years to get revenge. He runs a tape hyping the arrival of the Dragon Master, a guy in a big white dragon mask, and whom Dave Brown claims is 7' 3". Lawler complains about the gaggle of freaks coming after his title, just as I was thinking that it seemed unfair that Kong and Dragon Master and the like get token runs with the World title (er...spoiler) and not Gilbert or Embry.


Interesting angle even if it's another nothing geek heel gimmick. For verisimilitude purposes I do wish Love had been replaced by an evil Larry Nelson or Marc Lowrance, bringing somebody like the Russian Brute or Rod Price after Lawler.

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Pretty neat finish with Lawler dodging powder to the face and countering with a fireball. He gets the pinfall as Awesome Kong trips over Reggie B. Fine.


Lawler for an interview but gets interrupted by a voice over the PA system. He’s very mad at Lawler for putting AWA and WCCW out of business. Is USWA-TX done? We get a clip of the next challenger in Dragon Master. I bet McMahon wished he had Steamboat wearing that mask.

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Nice schoolboy by a blinded Reggie B. Fine. Seriously, if that's all it takes to beat a man who weighs 465 pounds, no wonder Awesome Kong never went anywhere in the business.


I'm not sure if I like this Christopher Love stuff. His whole gimmick is referring to everyone as "honey"? Lawler's really reaching for the bottom of the barrel here. Nice little white lie to set this up, as this guy never worked for either the AWA or World Class at all that I can remember. Further, if this is the same Dragon Master who worked for Turner (who really knows?) he sure ain't 7'3". I know Lawler can sell jumpsuits to Elvis at this point simply because he's the King, but when he still has Embry and Prichard who have yet to be satisfactorily dealt with by his royal personage, he'll excuse us peons if we wonder where he lost his marbles.


I wonder how they piped Love's voice into the studio. Did he just send in a cassette, or was he possibly in an announcer's booth somewhere out of sight within the studio? If he was, it's a miracle that someone didn't spot him and blow the whistle on the whole deal.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-08-17-USWA-Memphis TV] Jerry Lawler vs Awesome Kong / Interview: Jerry Lawler / Dragon Master vignette

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