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[1991-08-24-WCW-Saturday Night] Interview: Lex Luger & Harley Race


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The Luger vs. Simmons Omni hype feels odd even more from a national standpoint but also because of what the Havoc main event was. Feels like Luger was set up to fail having his first long term program against someone never before presented as a main event star. I guess this Omni show is still a GAB show. WCW sucks around this time.

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This wasn't bad for what it was, but after all the years of Flair and Dusty wowing audiences on the stick with even their subpar promos, I expected more, which I already knew I wasn't going to get.


Harley's closer to what I remember, but Luger's just not a World champion-level talker at a time where every promotion needs its champion to be one. There's no characterization to his spiel; the words are slightly different, but he's dead earnest no matter which side of the fence he's on because he doesn't know how else to be. There's no cockiness, no menace, no cool, no nothing. He hasn't changed; Dusty's just booking him against face opponents because he (Dusty) thinks that World champions should be heels the same way Vince thinks they should be faces. Simmons isn't going to set the world on fire with his talk either, so we're down to Harley as the main instrument of hype, and as good as he can be at times, he's just not enough.


According to Graham's site, Luger beat Simmons in around seventeen minutes by piledriving him onto a chair after Fonzie had been knocked down. Windham came down to dispute the decision afterward and was tripleteamed. Apparently, no one made the save for either him or Simmons.

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This is like the non-radio-edit version of the promo from before. Either way, Luger needs to start setting himself apart in some way. Any. Way. It seems like shouting and "doing whatever it takes" are the hallmarks of this character, which don't really make him different.

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