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[1991-08-26-WWF-Summerslam] Bobby Heenan and Hulk Hogan's arm


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If Hogan actually opened that door, I'm a one-legged African named Joe Chittacarchek. My guess is that it was some stagehand.


The whole thing about disrespecting the belt gets to me. Why should Vince respect it, or Heenan either for that matter? It's not a WWF-sanctioned belt, it's a piece of vanity hardware belonging to Billionaire Ted Turner that Flair only brought with him as a means to say to WCW, "Up your asses, chumps!". We're just lucky he didn't have random wrestlers come by and blow their noses on it. You might as well demand respect for the Million Dollar Belt (which was actually treated better, since it was created for Teddy's WWF character).

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