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We hear from the Nasty Boys, Legion of Doom, Sgt Slaughter, Sid Justice (with secret footage shown of the heels trying to bribe Slaughter & Co going into the main event),


The Mountie arrest continues to entertain. The exaggerated reactions to getting fingerprinted, and "YOU WANT THE FINGER? HERE'S THE FINGER!"

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A Nasty Boys interview is sandwiched around the Mountie arriving in jail and getting his mug shot taken. "YOU'RE NOT TAKING MY PICTURE!" "So, I guess the Boss Man kicked your butt, huh?" "WHAT DID YOU SAY?!" *click*


The LOD are already hyping a feud with the Natural Disasters, as they rescued Andre the Giant from an attempted attack. Mountie gets fingerprinted before we hear from the Triangle of Terror and Sid Justice. Bootleg video surfaces of the Triangle of Terror attempting to make Sid Justice a First Lieutenant--hey, they actually made an attempt to make the camera footage and angles look impromptu instead of planned and rehearsed.

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Jimmy Hart was great here as the all worked up manager hating to see what was happening to his charge. The Mountie vignettes are classic of course with the "heres the finger" line. I love these intermission segments from the old PPV's even though they are essentially filler.

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Nasties: Not particularly inspired. The typical references to Nastyville, etc. The main takeaway from this segment for me was how far Jimmy Hart has slid even from his early WWF days. I get that he's supposed to be an annoying little worm, but he's not supposed to an unwatchable, annoying little worm. Maybe I'd buy into him being beside himself a little more if he didn't always act like he was beside himself. I think Sean's facial expression said it all; he was repulsed by this little twerp screaming unintelligibly in his face, and a lot of the viewers undoubtedly felt his pain.


LOD: Very good for the short amount of time they had. I liked Hawk comparing the Disasters to tartar on his and Animal's teeth, and I applaud the WWF for not showing (or probably even staging) the attack on Andre by the Disasters. Hearing about it from Hawk was enough to get the point across and set up the upcoming feud. By now, Andre had simply been beaten up enough. Hawk is one example of how guys can still be great promos without being heavily scripted and constrained by the WWF's "house style", so to speak, and I wish more guys had been allowed to be themselves on the mic at all times.


Sarge: He tries his best, but the outcome's simply too much of a foregone conclusion, and his act was played out long ago. I liked him referencing Jake's attack on Warrior, but when did Hogan get a gash on his head? I'm guessing that was a reference to the match on the SummerSlam Spectacular, and if it was, kudos to Vince for trying to keep continuity. Unfortunately, they forgot to have Hogan sell the cut as anything more dangerous than a hangnail, so Sarge looks like an idiot talking about Hogan losing six gallons of blood. Thank God this is the last I'll see of this whole mess; I was ready for it to end about a week after Sarge's return.


Sid: They're still trying to push him as a tweener, and they're actually making a bit of headway with it. The idea of Sid joining Sarge, Sheik, and Adnan might have actually been worth something back around the beginning of the year had he been available, but now it seems laughable, since it should be obvious to everyone that the Triangle of Terror's shelf life can be measured in minutes. "Justice will be served" is one of the most annoying catchphrases I've ever heard, mostly since it seems so unnatural for Sid to be saying it. I like "Sid Vicious/Justice/Psycho Sid rules the world!" much better.


Jail: Good for some low comedy, I suppose, but it was more annoying than it should have been. I didn't expect Jacques to go quietly, certainly, but heels losing cleanly to activate a stip, then trying to get out of the stip or claiming that it shouldn't be enforced annoys me. I'm not sure what I would have had Jacques do instead, since I'm not on the intellectual level of Vince's booking/writing staff (thank God for that), but there's something to be said for heels at least appearing to honor stips, even if they're reluctant about it. (See Jimmy Garvin and Sunshine at David Von Erich's ranch or Baby Doll at Dusty's ranch for example of what I mean.)

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I thought Jacques was the best part of this. He really goes full bore on this and it's great. That's 2 French Canadians (Rougeau and Martel) who have made entertaining characters out of essentially Vince's throwaway gimmicks for guys he didn't want to be over because he didn't make them. Can we not just give guys a chance to shine and see what they do with it?

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-08-26-WWF-Summerslam] Interviews / The Mountie goes to jail

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