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Historic match, as the Roadies become the only team in history to have won the NWA, WWF and AWA tag team titles with the result of this match. A good moment for them, but they messed up by pushing them as a top tag team instead of as a tag team on part with the top singles stars. It just wasn't the WWF way.


More fun footage of The Mountie being hauled off to jail closes this out.

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Another match better than you'd expect, except that this is worked as a USWA-TX-style no-DQ match with referee distractions and cut-offs and man is that annoying. I knew a Nasties/Cactus Jack-style brawl was too much to ask for, but still. All four guys did work hard, though, and they cut a nice quick pace and threw in a few wrinkles like the swerve on the heel miscommunication spot with the motorcycle helmet.


Mountie attempts to make a break for it, but the local hick cops throw him in the cell anyway.

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This change could have happened on Superstars at any time during the summer, the way it was worked. If you're going to book an "anything goes" match, Vince, at least tell Joey Marella not to give DQ counts. If it had been anyone other than his son as the ref, you know Gino would have been ripping the guy up one side and down the other for enforcing the rules in a match where there aren't supposed to be any. Maybe Vince wanted to make sure the wrestlers stayed in camera range instead of having to take people all over MSG, but if that's the case, book the match traditionally. It isn't like any of the "illegal" spots couldn't have been done in a traditional bout, including the tray of drinks (which looked a lot more impressive when the Nasties did it to the Steiners at Halloween Havoc '90). The helmet miscommunication spot was not only well-done, but the Nasties retained control coming out of it, which is something you rarely see.


I wouldn't call this a squash, exactly, but I never really felt that the LOD was in danger of losing. Given the way they were hyped, I guess that's what Vince wanted. Still, I'm left to wonder exactly who teaming currently in the WWF can beat them. The Disasters haven't even teamed much, the Rockers are fellow faces, and the Beverly Brothers/Destruction Crew are a joke. I'm amazed that they didn't get at least a year's run on top before they were even in any jeopardy, let alone actually losing the titles.


Gino, Piper, and Heenan really aren't an effective unit in the booth. Gino's starting to go downhill, and Piper's reached the bottom of the hill. He's nowhere near what he was at this time last year, when he threatened to take broadcasting by storm and provided some excellent analysis. Now, he's shouting slogans and giving half-baked retorts to Heenan's jabs that aren't even close to being funny. Of course, it doesn't help that all three of them are busy wondering about Sid and Jacques instead of the match in the ring. I can understand the Sid hype, but talking about busting Jacques out of jail is something you do during Valentine/Rotundo, not during what's supposed to be a hotly contested tag team title match. I liked Heenan supposedly sending back one of his people to see exactly where Sid was; that's the type of thing you'd expect a broadcast journalist to do. Of course, since Heenan's the one doing it, Gino and Rod crap all over it, but it's still a nice touch.


Line of the match goes to Heenan, describing how the LOD won the belts: "They beat (the Nasties) at their own game; that's what's bad." It's not exactly a burial, but it doesn't do Knobs and Sags any favors either. Soon, the Disasters would take their place both in the rankings and in Jimmy Hart's heart.

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I was also annoyed by the way this was worked. It is a no DQ match. What is to stop all 4 guys from just brawling the whole damn time? Especially if they are all big, angry musclehead brawler types like these guys are. It's not a bad normal tag match, but they completely ignored the stip. Nothing bothers me more. Then we get more Jacques, so I'm happy again.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-08-26-WWF-Summerslam] Legion of Doom vs Nasty Boys

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