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[1991-09-14-WCW-Saturday Night] Danger Zone: Lex Luger and Harley Race


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Windham and Simmons storm the ring before Paul E. can even get out his question. Simmons gets the better of Luger at first, but Mr. Hughes and Race come to his aid. Luger ends up swinging a chair at Simmons' back a few times until other babyfaces clear the ring. Hot segment.

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Another hot angle. Could it be WCW is turning things around already? There's focus over the World title, focus over the U.S. Champ if not his actual title, and credible tag champions. One slight weakness: you know that Dusty is really, really wanting to recreate the Big Bubba magic with Mr. Hughes, but it simply isn't going to happen.

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We finally get a beatdown of both Simmons and Windham worthy of heels. A couple of segments back, I said I wasn't buying Luger as a heel yet; now I am. If they could just get another man to take the majority of Harley's bumps, we'd really be looking at a decent heel unit. Actually, I'm kind of surprised that Dusty never considered using Arn to fill the same role that he (Arn) did for Flair since Hughes really isn't a wrestler, but Arn and Zbyszko are just hitting their stride, so it's understandable that he wouldn't want to break them up.


One thing they need to be careful of: they don't want the fans to wonder whether Windham should be getting Simmons' title match at Havoc. It's fine to have Barry watching Ron's back and all, but pushing them as a unit like they seem to be doing now is a mistake they can't afford to make when they're trying to build a fresh challenger such as Simmons. They need to put Windham in the back seat and make sure he stays there for a while.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-09-14-WCW-Saturday Night] Danger Zone: Lex Luger and Harley Race

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