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[1991-09-22-WWF-Wrestling Challenge] Interview: Sgt Slaughter


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Slaughter admits that he got exactly what he deserved at Summerslam. He admits that he sold his soul to win the WWF title, and that he doesn't expect anyone's forgiveness. But he tearfully states that he wants his country back. That they actually think they can turn a guy like this into a babyface again shows how stupid they think wrestling fans are.

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Slaughter is made up to look like he's been living in a survivalist compound ever since SummerSlam. Okerlund is on location, telling Slaughter that he got what he deserved. Slaughter agrees--he wanted to become WWF Champion at all costs. Slaughter lost his friends, family, and country when he lost his WWF title. The only one of those that he can get back is his country.


I know this is going to get worse before it gets better. I know it's a blatant attempt at retconning Sarge's entire MO. I know it's a big reset button getting hit on his storyline. But this segment and this segment alone was really, really good. And at the time, I truly never thought the heel Slaughter would be permanent. The only two options the WWF had with him was either a babyface turn, a release, or a front office position. Being as Sarge still had something to offer in the ring I have to say the first option was the best of the three. And at least at first, they went about it in the most effective possible way.

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Thumbs way down here. The intent was evident, but the only things that's really changed is that instead of ranting and raving about Saddam Hussein and the superiority of Iraq, Sarge is ranting and raving about what a schmuck he was to turn his back on his country. The common denominator, of course, is ranting and raving. If he was supposed to be truly sorry, he should have been shown to be a lot more humble and soft-spoken than he was here. This interview brings to mind the phrase "He's only sorry because he got caught". Or, in Sarge's case, he's only sorry because Hogan beat his brains out.


I realize that his heel run was over, but any resemblance between this Sarge and the one who captured the hearts of fans everywhere is totally nonexistent. If this was the best they could do to put the fans back on his side, he should have either retired or continued the heel run minus the pro-Iraq rhetoric. In other words, "I was wrong to turn my back on my country, but Hogan's still a puke, and if I meet him again, I'll tear his soft, worthless butt limb from limb, fellow American or not!" (I just used that as an example; I know there was no way he was ever getting near Hogan or the belt again.)

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-09-22-WWF-Wrestling Challenge] Interview: Sgt Slaughter

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