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[1991-09-22-WWF-Wrestling Challenge] Barber Shop: Ric Flair & Bobby Heenan


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Beefcake puts Flair over big-time by mugging in his barber's chair and pretending to nap. At least it gets Heenan on the stick for this interview, despite the setting. Quick and to the point, touching on the same stuff as before. Flair's music kicks up and it seems they wanted to cut him off early.

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No one thinks less of Beefcake's "interview skills" than I do, but he did just what he was supposed to do as Hogan's best friend here. Did you honestly think he was going to give Flair any respect at all when Flair's trying to take away his friend's championship and his status as an all-time great? He may not be wrestling, he may hold a microphone for a few minutes a week, but he's not supposed to be held to the standards of an impartial announcer any more than Percy is. Besides, as Pete said, this way Heenan gets to talk a little, which is always good. In fact, I got kind of a kick out of Beefcake not saying a word, just sitting there pretending to sleep and hoping these two imposters go away and leave his buddy the Hulkster alone.


I get what Loss means about hoping Vince or Mean Gene would do a Crockett-style interview where Flair can wear his suits and brag about the big cities and the pretty ladies and the big house on the big side of town, but if Flair wants to succeed in the WWF, he's going to have to do it on Vince's terms, which means as a walking cartoon. He seems to be adapting well, which isn't surprising considering that so-called "serious" WCW Flair had been getting more outlandish and cartoonish by the minute. There's still enough of the old Flair to keep him as a marked contrast to Hogan, though.


Line of the segment goes to Heenan for telling Beefcake, "Sit down and take a load off your face".

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I appreciated Heenan doing the interview. Anything that can be done to get Beefcake to shut up is fine by me. And let's be fair, they killed Flair off before he ever got there. He was never a real threat to Hogan. So pretending that he should be treated differently once he gets to the WWF is just silly.

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