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[1991-09-28-WCW-Saturday Night] Interview: The Enforcers


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Holy fuck, these guys needed to be muscle for Mr. Backlund in 1994 and '95. It's the same gimmick, but played without a hint of comedy. This interview could have melted Vince Russo and Kevin Dunn's faces off, as Arn talks about how teams of the '90s are concerned with making great entrances while the Enforcers concern themselves with entering and succeeding. It sounds way better than I typed, believe me.

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Where has this version of Zbyszko been? He's a totally different sort of obnoxious than he's been since 1980, but he's still a tremendous interview. If anybody had told me prior to this Yearbook that he'd be one of the top tough-guy heels in the sport by the end of '91, I would never have believed it. Contrast him with the same old plain-spoken Arn and you have gold. Even Heyman seems more menacing behind these two, and as of now he's still just an interviewer. Not really having any decent challengers for their belts, they need to get over on the strength of their own personalities alone, and so far they're up to the task and then some. It also helps that they're right, by and large; both wrestling and society in general are softer in '91 than in years past.


I can't help but think of how Sarge debuted in the WWF a year and change before with a similar spiel to the one Larry's doing now. Could a character similar to this have been Larry's ticket to a run against Hogan, assuming he would have been able and willing to bury the hatchet with Vince (and also that Vince wouldn't have tried to make him into a traitor to his country)?

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