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[1991-10-04-GWF] Eddie Gilbert vs Handsome Stranger


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This is some first class cheating. Last few minutes of the finals of a TV title match. Bagwell! He has Gilbert beaten after intercepting a foreign object, but the ref is out. Clever finish, as Scotty the Body puts the brass knucks on Handsome Stranger's hand and Gilbert pretends like he got punched, so that the referee will DQ Bagwell and he can win the title. Awesome.

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This is one of the more inventive bullshit finishes I've ever seen. It's a bit involved, especially since there had to be two ref bumps in order for it to be pulled off correctly, but the heat it gets more than justifies its intricacy. If Eddie's not Public Enemy #1 in Dallas with Raven as 1A after a screwjob like this, something's definitely wrong somewhere.


I was going to say that I was surprised that WMC didn't find and air this footage to set up the Lawler/Gilbert unification bout, but it was probably still being edited for broadcast. I'll be interested to see if it turns up on any future shows, though, and that goes for Eddie as well. My guess is that with Embry still going strong, Memphis doesn't need another top heel at the moment, so Eddie's only in for a one-shot, which is kind of a shame. I'm looking forward to seeing what he and Raven have in mind for the good folks of Dallas, though.


Bagwell looked good in what little I saw. I'll be interested to track his progress going forward as well.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-10-04-GWF] Eddie Gilbert vs Handsome Stranger

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