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[1991-10-05-WWF-Superstars] Funeral Parlor: Sid Justice


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They didn't need Percy for this; Sid could have said his piece in an insert promo during one of Jake's matches, as short as it was.


I agree with Loss about this being too heavily scripted. Did anybody notice that Sid never once interacted with Percy? He stared out into the middle of nowhere in an effort to remember his lines. We have the obligatory "Justice is served", which sounds even more ridiculous now that SummerSlam's over, and a line about Jake going home to hell, which gets a big pop because this is 1991 and hell (both the word and the place) doesn't exist in the WWF's concept of the universe for another few years.


Savage cheering Sid on was fun to hear, but it can't be any more obvious that he wants to get his own revenge. Don't worry, Randy, it's only a little under two months to Tuesday in Texas!

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