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[1991-10-05-USWA-Memphis TV] Eddie Marlin announcement


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Man, how many times has Marlin gotten talked out of firing Embry? And Gilbert? Sometimes Hamlet comes off as bold and decisive in comparison to this guy. Marlin won't be able to wrestle Embry, but vows to find a way to make Embry pay for piledriving him on the concrete.

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How did the original angle where Embry piledrove Eddie not make the set? Either it wasn't available in good quality or someone fell asleep at the switch terribly.


I agree with Soup concerning Eddie's reasoning for not firing Embry. If Embry needs to be put out of wrestling, it's his wrestlers that should do it, especially Jeff and the Stud. Firing Embry gives him what he wants: a free ticket out of a state that he considers a stinking hillbilly hellhole.


They really don't want to blow Lawler/Embry off, do they? Now they've got Embry in a tag match against Jeff and Fuller, which is understandable in a way since Eddie is Jeff's grandpa, but still. They're finally on track for the match everyone in the territory wants to see, and here comes another diversion. I'm guessing that Embry's still fighting the idea of jobbing to Lawler clean, but if something's ever going to happen between these two, we're just about out of time. The issue either needs to be settled for good or dropped for good in the next few weeks at most before the fans no longer care, if they haven't reached that point already.


I wonder what kind of revenge Eddie's going to get on Embry without signing to wrestle him? Whichever kind it is, I hope we get to see it!

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-10-05-USWA-Memphis TV] Eddie Marlin announcement

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