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[1991-10-05-WCW-Saturday Night] Halloween Havoc Control Center


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Your Chamber of Horrors: Sting, The Steiners, and El Gigante vs. Abby, The Diamond Studd, Oz (???), and Barry Windham (?!?!?!). Even Solie has no explanation beyond "Strange situation there." I'm surprised they're showing so much footage of Simmons getting pinned by Luger, however screwy the circumstances.


Not a great Havoc card, and it clearly won't have 1990's highs. But the lower and mid-card is probably better. Such a mess of a Chamber of Horrors match is pretty fucking bush league, though.


Cute but pointless Missy/Paul E. segment follows, as they try to track down what exactly the Chamber of Horrors consists of. They're menaced by a dude with a knife, who gets a little camera-happy and starts doing rote James Cagney and Jack Nicholson impersonations, allowing Paul E. to brain him with the phone.

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Most of my thunder has been stolen. I will say that I don't know which one of these two is weirder: Heyman and Missy suddenly burying their feud like it never happened or Windham being booked on the heel team for the Chamber of Horrors despite being a face since the Bash. It's almost like someone writing the rundown sheet for Gordon to read either didn't know or wasn't told what the real matchup was and decided to make one up. Knowing WCW, I wouldn't be surprised if that's exactly what happened.


I also wouldn't be surprised if Gordon, whom we haven't seen in forever, didn't know the first thing about this card before he filmed this spot and was just reading what they gave him in complete ignorance. I'm not even sure when we saw him last; I remember he did a couple of features leading up to the Bash, so that's at least late June or early July. I wonder why he took such a long vacation. Was he or his wife sick, or had he perhaps been fired by Dusty, then brought back to replace Heyman, who was going back to managing soon?

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