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[1991-10-26-TWA] Eddie Gilbert vs Kevin Sullivan


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  • 3 months later...

It was several minutes before I could even find Gilbert. He goes overboard to sell for Sullivan in this one, and this is a match that was almost definitely better live, as they brawl all over the building. I wish Sullivan had taken some of the lumps, but it was entirely one-sided for way too long. And it's hard to watch from home.

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  • 1 month later...

Proto-ECW brawl with Sullivan back to being a no-selling piece of shit after showing some good work this year. Gilbert takes a cool rolling bump down the bleachers and that's about it as far as highlights. Oh, and the fans imploring, "EDDIE, GO GET YOUR CAR!"

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  • 1 year later...

When I was in middle school, I used to fantasize that the WWF came to our high school gym with an all-star card. The hot feud at the time was Hogan-Orndorff, and I used to picture a brawl between the two of them that raged all over the building: cafeteria, science labs, classrooms, the whole bit. I used to think that that would be the coolest wrestling match ever.


Well, now I've seen what a match such as that would really be like, and it was better in my imagination. Of course, my imagination didn't have the sloppiest, fuzziest camera work ever devised by man that kept me from not only seeing a lot of what the wrestlers did, but figuring out who was who. I guess the cameraman tried to an extent; we got some great shots when the fight actually left the gym briefly and went into the lockers, which is about as far into the academic wing of the building as this one got. But the last few minutes were atrocious, as the cameraman was running here, there, and everywhere and getting nothing for it. Of course, by then Sully had retired for the evening and left some nitwit whom I could barely see to take the rest of his lumps for him.


I didn't catch the no-selling on Sully's part that some of you did, but I sure noticed that Eddie got the hell kicked out of him more than most wrestlers do in indy matches with two main event stars. Was that the price to get Sully to show up? Eddie did a great job playing the beaten-down babyface, whether by design or default, but given the havoc he's stirred up over these last two years I expected more of an even fight. In reality, it's hard to know what to think about this match due to the awful camerawork. Let's see them go at it in at least a semi-established non-indy promotion, then judge.


Was this a Global TV title match? I know I saw Sully with a belt of some sort at one point, and he wasn't a champion anywhere that I can remember in late October of '91, so it had to be Eddie's Global TV belt.


Who was the guy whom Eddie piledrove at the end, the one I called a nitwit up above? Maybe that was harsh, but he looked like a fan who wandered into the ring and got caught, which would indeed make him a nitwit, if not something worse.

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  • 2 years later...

Did Eddie make more money for this than he did working in Memphis? I liked some of the close-up stuff, not sure Eddie should be running around that close to fans with so much of his blood on him though. Eddie takes a couple of bumps and that's most of the good stuff. The one fan yelling at Eddie to go get his car was amusing and disturbing.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-10-26-TWA] Eddie Gilbert vs Kevin Sullivan

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