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[1991-11-02-WWF-Superstars] Interview: Hulk Hogan


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Hogan tries to be cool in a major fail, calling Flair "homeboy" and welcoming him to "the hood". He cuts this promo from the gym just after pumping some iron. This is quite the egotistical promo, talking about how he built MSG. He also says he's the only world champion, and that he's waiting on Flair and he's ready to lock up.

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"YO HOMEBOY--WELCOME TO THE 'HOOD!" Hulk Hogan: on the cutting edge. Hogan sets the record straight some street rap, brother. Then he parrots Bret Hart's catchphrase that Bret hasn't even invented yet. After seeing Hogan actually show some elements of self-doubt earlier, this was not one of Hulk's better efforts.

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I could have done without the street lingo, but I enjoyed Hogan's defiant attitude here. This isn't TBS; Hogan doesn't need to kowtow to Flair and talk about how great he is during interviews; if anything, the humility should be coming from Flair toward Hogan, not that we'd ever see that. The point is, it's Flair who's showed up in Hogan's neighborhood and is trying to take it over, so it's Hogan who gets to set the boundaries and define the rules of engagement. If he wants to claim that he "built" MSG, who the hell's going to stop him? If Flair thinks he's man enough, Hulkamania's waiting for him.


Does anybody else think that Bret got his famous catchphrase from this very interview?


Since Flair stole "Whatcha gonna do?" at MSG, Hogan steals "Whoooooo!" and "Now we go to school!" here. This feud really feels like it's going to be a bigger deal than it actually turned out to be in the grand scheme of things, so at least Vince has gotten the build right so far, which is more than I thought he did.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-11-02-WWF-Superstars] Interview: Hulk Hogan

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