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[1991-11-03-WWF-Wrestling Challenge] Ultimate Warrior Slim Jim Commercial


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I'm surprised the WWF allowed this commercial to air on their shows, with Warrior vanishing from the promotion and never being mentioned. Based on Warrior's hair, this looks to be a pretty old commercial though. I see Warrior here and can't imagine how anyone in the WWF ever thought he would appeal to people who don't like wrestling.

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The copyright date on this commercial was '89, so these were two years old or better. I'm not sure that Vince had veto power over which ads his sponsors used, but I have to believe that they at least gave him a heads up that the one they were choosing to use at that time featured a former employee.


The only thing Warrior said that I understood was "Snap into it!", which is probably one reason why he didn't last long as a Slim Jim spokesman. The visual effects were nice enough, but I agree with Loss; how this commercial would ever appeal to anyone who wasn't a diehard wrestling fan under the age of twelve I have no idea.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-11-03-WWF-Wrestling Challenge] Ultimate Warrior Slim Jim Commercial

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