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[1991-11-09-USWA-Memphis TV] Eric Embry vs Tom Prichard


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Fun to see a studio match between the two with a clean pinfall and plenty of time. This was all action for the seven minutes or so that it lasted. I liked Embry using Pritchard's trademark moves against him. Tony Falk (who has taken on almost every role in Memphis and is now Embry's manager) distracts Pritchard long enough for Embry to roll him up and get a pin and win the Southern title. Nice to see some heat putting back on Embry, although I think the Moondogs stuff is starting soon, so I think his second run on top is going to be limited, if he has one at all.

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Really classic WCW syndie feel to this one, complete with a backstage promo from Embry, some good time given to the match, and an actual finish. Prichard is in the middle of a good comeback when he's tripped by Tony Falk, and that allows Embry to get in a DDT to regain the Southern belt. They make a big deal about how this is each man's ticket to the #1 contendership for the Unified World title, so maybe this is FINALLY setting up a big Lawler/Embry showdown. However, the name-dropping of Kamala in the pre-match promo has me a little pessimistic.

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There was a lot more wrestling here than I expected for a grudge match, but the announcers did a good job also putting it over as a match for both the Southern title and the number-one contendership for Lawler, so with those things also on the line it makes sense that they weren't just out there trying to kill each other. These two can flat out go in both a scientific match and a brawl, and even though I would have liked a longer match and a non-interference finish, this felt satisfying, although of course I'd like to see them go at it again, as they have tremendous chemistry both as partners and opponents.


This almost certainly won't lead to Lawler/Embry; I think that issue's dead before its time. I'm also reminded that we never got a Lawler/Prichard series, which would have been a goody in its own right.


What hasn't Tony Falk done in Memphis? Wrestler, ringside second, referee, and I wouldn't be surprised if he filled in on color commentary at least once. I think the only thing he hasn't been so far is the booker.


Lawler's really going back to the future with the returns of both the Moondogs and Kamala. The question is, is he doing it because he believes that those acts will draw in and of themselves, or is he doing it because he doesn't trust the younger talent to get over with the exception of Jeff? I think it might be a bit of both.


I'm surprised that the finish to this one was as clean as it was. Where can these two possibly go from here? As I said above, I'd like to see them go at it again, but as I in the minority? I guess we'll find out soon enough.

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Really good studio match, probably one of the better actual wrestling matches with a real finish to come out of the Memphis TV studio. I liked Pritchard as the psuedo-babyface a lot. I can hope something like Embry/Lawler comes out of this even if the heat for it is all but gone.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-11-09-USWA-Memphis TV] Eric Embry vs Tom Prichard

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