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  • 4 months later...

Full rundown of the Survivor Series card. Undertaker and Bearer's insert promo is excellent. Weird seeing Jake and Earthquake team after their angle just a few months ago. Cool to look at some of these guys and how they've worked together in other contexts. When the LOD and Boss Man were being interviewed, I was trying to think of how long they would have known each other, then remembered they were all involved in what was probably the most famous match of the Crockett era. Flair in team competition on this show seems out of place. He shouldn't have even had a match if the entire show outside the main event was going to be tags. Flair officially announces Mr. Perfect as his Executive Consultant, and they are already blurring the belt. Why would Neidhart be replaced at Survivor Series and not Sid?

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So Sid was the fourth person in this match. He’s out but they don’t mention any replacement and make it seem like it will be a handicap instead. LOD and Bossman want Savage to be their partner and have appealed to Tunney. This makes the Survivor Series match worse when they were teasing Savage actually being involved and he doesn’t wrestle. I see the Big Bully Busick is being advertised as part of Mustafa’s team.

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Mustafa, Skinner, Bully, and Berzerker--has there been a worse team in Survivor Series history? Do the two teams in the Smoking Gunn vs. Smoking Gunn match of '96 count if they were just on the Free-For-All?


Between getting pushed as a quasi-lackey for the Undertaker and teaming up with the likes of the Warlord and Mountie, Flair already feels like one of the guys (teaming with Ted just seems like the natural order, though). Mr. Perfect is his new executive consultant.

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This lineup is pretty awful with mixed in guys and subs all around. Really honestly shows how weak the roster was from a depth perception at points as Warrior and Perfect were out of action. Main highlights were the introduction of Perfect as Executive Consultant and we get our first blurring of the belt.

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Now I know why delaying Savage's reinstatement until Tuesday in Texas felt like a bait-and-switch. They all but guaranteed that he'd be there and then pulled the rug out from under those who might have ordered the pay-per-view just to see him get at Jake. That's dangerous, considering that most people probably wouldn't have had the money to order two pay-per-views in six days. No wonder business went into a down cycle.


Wasn't the Piper match the one where they introduced a rule where a wrestler could be eliminated over the top rope, then proceeded to have almost everyone in the match except for Piper and Flair get eliminated over the top all at once? That's even cheaper than withholding Savage from the Jake match. I get the feeling that Vince was so invested in Tuesday in Texas that this show was pretty much an afterthought. (I just looked it up, and I was wrong. Instead of almost everyone being eliminated over the top, Virgil, Teddy, Jacques and Bret were all DQ'ed for brawling inside the ring, which left Flair the sole survivor without him actually having to beat anyone or chance him getting beaten himself. And it just keeps getting worse and worse.)


The other matches wouldn't have thrilled me if I'd been wondering whether to buy this card. Maybe I'd have wanted to see Sarge get his hands on Sheik, for what little that was worth seven years later, and I guess we can thank God that Vince kept that promise at least. The match with the tag teams looks like a yawner (when were the Bushwhackers last truly relevant?)


We all know my feelings about Percy and Curt. It's off to see Teddy taking a backseat to anyone in this format after three straight years of being a captain, but if he was going to defer to anyone, it was Flair. Of course, Curt the manager is treated as a much bigger deal than the Real World Champion, but then again, who hasn't been lately? Remember one thing, though: the Mr. Perfect character belongs entirely to Vince, while Ric Flair belongs to the entire wrestling world, regardless of where he's working at a given time.


I can see Loss's point about wanting to keep Flair, in essence, an invading force from Ted Turner rather than a co-opted member of the WWF by not having him muck in during the tag matches. I know there was no way that was going to happen, but instead of teaming with Warlord and Jacques, I would have suggested Flair, Jake, Taker, and Teddy against Hogan, Savage, Piper, and Virgil with Taker pinning Hogan clean after the tombstone to win it all and set up Tuesday in Texas, which would proceed as it did in real life. What did Taker need the belt for if it was just going to be held up anyway?


Taker may be the single scariest wrestler in WWF history at this point, even scarier than the current version of Jake, which is really saying something.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-11-23-WWF-Superstars] Survivor Series Report

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