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[1991-11-24-WWF-Wrestling Challenge] Repo Man vignette


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I don't get why the WWF needed Repo Man *and* IRS characters at the same time.


We do get Repo's catchphrase that I've always loved. "What's mine is mine...and what's yours is mine, too!" I doubt there's a single good Repo match in existence but Darsow can't be accused of not getting into the gimmick.

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Vince should have told Darsow to watch the tone of his voice. He started out okay, but by the end of the piece Repo sounded exactly like Smash. I'm surprised we didn't start getting "DEMO-LITION" chants after a few of these had aired.


The Repo Man gimmick itself is like too many others from the WWF, both present and future: if you don't recognize the wrestler playing the role (and who would know Darsow without his Demolition paint at this point?), you're left to wonder what the hell a professional repossessor (or IRS agent, or garbageman, or dentist, etc.) is doing in a wrestling ring. Where did they get the time to train as wrestlers, and why did they leave their old job? Further, if the WWF is the best promotion in the world where only the best wrestlers compete, how did these guys gain enough experience to get a job there? How have they proved themselves worthy of a spot, and why should the fans take them seriously when there are so many "real" wrestlers to cheer and boo?


I actually liked the part where Repo kicked out the guy's window, because it established that he's the type of guy who'll go to any lengths to complete a task, which is important for a wrestler. That's unlike the IRS vignettes, where all Rotundo did was run his mouth about tax cheats, or the Skinner vignettes, which featured Keirn waxing poetic about swamps. "What's mine is mine, and what's yours is mine too!" isn't a bad catchprase either, even though it's no "Rest in peace" or "Whatcha gonna do?"


I'm looking forward to actually seeing Repo in the ring; I have almost no memory of seeing him wrestle, at least not in that gimmick.

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So did he cut himself sitting on all of that broken glass? Why didn't somebody in the house wake up? Can a guy besides Flair debut in the WWF without being some other profession? Is "The Real World Champion" in fact a profession? All things I ask myself while this is going on. I'm sure that's what they were going for.

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