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[1991-11-30-WCW-Power Hour] Missy Does The Mail: Lex Luger & Harley Race


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Missy Hyatt is beyond annoying here. I don't get WCW. Was she supposed to always be a heel unless she was feuding with Paul E. Dangerously?


Luger and Race are interviewed. With Rude in the promotion, Luger seems passe now.


Why are they hyping Luger/Rick Steiner AFTER the Clash? There has never been a more incompetent wrestling promotion in history.

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So, Missy being the Ugly Dog-Face's manager is supposed to be forgotten history now?


This isn't hype for the Clash, it's hype for Luger/Rick rematches which were going around the horn at house shows. One could question the wisdom of booking that match but Sting was occupied, Simmons and Windham were hurt, it'd seem weird to stick Steamboat in there that quickly, and Scott may or may not have been ready for singles main events.


Oh, Missy does get around to acknowledging her past managerial stint. All (most) is forgiven. Missy kind of plays her role well but yes, they need to decide if she's a babyface or a heel already.

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Loss has it right; Missy's always been a heel except when she was feuding with Heyman. Unfortunately for all concerned, that's the only time her character's ever been worth anything in WCW. Between her own shortcomings and the awful presentation of her segments (remember her getting chased out of the locker room consistently earlier this year?), she's had virtually no chance for success since she came to Atlanta. You'd have to go back to Eddie Gilbert's '88 run in Memphis to find the last time she was used effectively.


Luger and Race really aren't much here. It does feel like Luger's spinning his wheels a little; Rick's just a placeholder challenger until Sting's done with Rude and the fans know it. But what other choice does WCW have at this point?


I didn't know that Simmons was legitimately hurt around this time. What was the nature of his injury?

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-11-30-WCW-Power Hour] Missy Does The Mail: Lex Luger & Harley Race

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