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[1991-11-30-WCW-Saturday Night] Interview: Sting


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Jim Ross interviews Sting in an empty arena. He clarifies that the knee is fine and that he will be back at 100% very soon. He has words for Rude and Luger. All the heels being thrown at Sting seems to have revitalized him in the short term. Not sure how much that means at this point, since WCW is such a mess, but he seems worthwhile again.

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This was an excellently done, real sports-style interview. Sting's real name isn't mentioned, of course, but you really feel like you're hearing from Steve Borden, not necessarily the Sting character. This is especially true when JR chips away at kayfabe a bit by mentioning that Sting and Luger remain business partners outside the ring in spite of being on different sides of the fence at the moment. Most promotions wouldn't have mentioned that at all.


Stung sidesteps JR's questions about Luger for the most part, preferring to focus on Rude for now. The "no goofing off" stuff is a nice shot at Vince, but Rude's been all business since early 1990, before he ever came to WCW, so it doesn't fit him the way it once did. In fact, it fits Heyman now more than anybody else in the angle, since he's been nothing but a goofball from the minute he and Rude joined forces. Sting also promises to get wild and crazy with Rude, which I would love to see.


Good move by Sting to in essence end the story of his knee injury, emphatically stating that the bad knee is 100% and that going after it won't give the heels any more of a special advantage than it would against any other wrestler. I also liked him turning Rude's "nice guys finish last" line back to his own advantage. That's something that wouldn't happen in the WWF, where every word of every promo is designed to beat the audience over the head with a given character.


Sting's plea to the fans to stick with him and JR's acknowledgment of his and Sting's long history together was an ideal way to wrap the segment up. Superb work from everyone involved.

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