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[1997-08-17-ECW-Hardcore Heaven] PG-13 vs Dudley Boys


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"The following contest is set for one fall. Your referee is bald." -- Such a great Joel Gertner line


The lighting for this is more like Starrcade '89 than an ECW event. It's dark and feels a lot different than a usual ECW event.


Jenna Jameson is at ringside with Gertner and the Dudleys, and seeing PG-13 work off of Jenna Jameson is everything you'd imagine it to be. Great old style tag team spots, including the always fun arm wringer thing and a great hot tag stretch. The crowd isn't as hot for this as they usually are ECW stuff, but I think part of that is the building acoustics and ECW production. Nice to see a traditional tag match in ECW, and it's the first time we've seen PG-13 work babyface all year. Very good match.

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My first ECW PPV that I got to order live. Jenna was so hot in her prime. Great intro by Gertner for referee. I disliked the lighting for this show as felt so different than their lively Arena shows. Would have preferred seeing PG-13 work as heels in ECW but there was a lack of face tag teams. I do like seeing the arm wringer spot pop.

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Pre match was great in this. Gertner has aged so well and is so slimey. "You are so fat, if I told you to haul ass, it would take two trips"


Fun southern style match with the Dudley's using their numbers advantage. I especially liked Wolfie's dive to the outside and the arm wringer spot that Loss mentioned. This does look very different from an ECW show but the crowd seemed pretty hot to me, just miked kind of odd.

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PG-13 are quite the blend of old school southern tag wrasslin' with enough '90s-style moves and spots to keep them looking modern. It says something for the effectiveness of the tag formula that it gets even cynical ECW fans clapping along rooting for the hot tag for a team they're not all that familiar with and that usually doesn't work babyface. D-Von is lost a few times and this is pretty clearly a PG-13 carry job, so it's a good/solid match rather than a good/great one. I still want to see PG-13 vs. FBI in the worst way.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1997-08-17-ECW-Hardcore Heaven] PG-13 vs Dudley Boys

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