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Projected Summerslam card

Guest Mac

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Via Dave Meltzer. I will post some thoughts of my own in a while once i get some time but figured i'd post this to get discussion going.



WWE Title

John Cena ? vs Chris Jericho


World Title

Batista ? vs Hassan


HBK vs Hulk Hogan


Casket Match

Undertaker vs Randy Orton


Edge and Snitsky vs Kane and Matt Hardy


US Title

Chris Benoit ? vs JBL


IC Title Street Fight

Carltio ? vs Shelton Benjamin


Big Show vs Kurt Angle


The Final Match

Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio Jr.

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Well, I don't think they'll put the title on Jericho and Cena isn't a very good worker, so that match will be lackluster. To be honest, I think the build-up has been horrendous too. "Y2Cheap?" C'mon, is that the best they can come up with?


I'll mark out harder than hell is Muhammad Hassan wins the World Title at Summerslam. I'm a big fan of his. Big Dave and Hassan are both the shits in the ring, so that shouldn't keep him out of the title picture. Hassan is a better talker too and seems to have a lot of heat. I don't know though, Batista just went over Triple H three straight PPV's in a row and he's going to go over JBL at the Great American Bash. Having Hassan beat him might make HHH and JBL look weak by default and you know HHH isn't going to stand for that shit.


HBK/Hogan will be fucking trash. The match shouldn't even be happening. When the "respect pop" is done to follow suit, something is wrong. Maybe that's just the way that I'm seeing it? It doesn't matter who goes over here, since it won't mean anything come the next day.


UT/Randy in a Casket Match? I assume that means Orton is the reason that UT loses to Hassan at GAB? Oh well, I still have high hopes for Randy Orton. He has the "superstar look." He just looks like a cocky, arrogant, son-of-a-bitch that people would pay to see lose. Too bad I don't think he'll beat UT in a Casket Match. Not unless he gets twenty jobbers to do a run-in and help, ala Yokozuna.


Edge & Snitsky Vs. Kane & Hardy = snorefest. I'm already tired of the Hardy/Edge shit. Snitsky is trash. Kane/Edge is beyond stale. I don't know how this match could be made out to be important or worth watching for me.


All the Carlito stuff is leading to just a street fight? I was hoping for something better than that. Of course, with the random cage match on Raw last night, I knew that it wouldn't be that. Oh well. I don't know who's going to win but I assume it'll be Shelton so that the feud can continue. Otherwise, Carlito looks better than Shelton and Shelton will have no direction. Shelton has been botching a lot of spots lately and Carlito isn't a good worker, so hopefully they'll use a lot of weapons.


The Big Show Vs. Kurt Angle? Where'd that come from? So, is The Big Show going to break the Masterlock, or what? Where does this all fit in with Chris Masters and Matt Striker? I'm not seeing it.


Eddie Vs. Rey could be good. Other than the chance that Hassan might win the World Title, this is the match that will decide if I watch the PPV or not.

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John Cena ? vs Chris Jericho - man, Cena is such a crap shoot when it comes to having decent matches that I don't know if Jericho can do enough to pull a good match out of him. However, I am definitley glad that JEricho is actually in the position to try.


Batista ? vs Hassan - This is fucking stupid. Elevate Hassan because the crowd shit on his angle, and after he was effectively squashed on RAW?


HBK vs Hulk Hogan - I am going to go out on a limb and say that this match will be shit on all the way to the day of the event and then turn out to be the show stealer, thus leaving the two world champions left in the dirt, playing to a dead crowd.


Casket Match

Undertaker vs Randy Orton - This can't be good.


Edge and Snitsky vs Kane and Matt Hardy - This sounds fucking stupid. First of all, putting Kane and Matt in the same ring together just reinforces the fact that the stupid Kane storyline we were forced to sit through was a bad idea. Also, the people want to see Hardy vs. Edge and Kane and Snitsky shouldn't even be on the fucking card. I don't like the direction this is headed at all.


Chris Benoit ? vs JBL -Besides the conclusion to Rey-Eddie, the match I am looking forward to the most. I really want to compare Benoit to Eddie in terms of what they are able to get out of JBL.


Carltio ? vs Shelton Benjamin - I have no faith in this match to be any good.


Big Show vs Kurt Angle - We've seen it before. If this was Eddie-Show, I might be stoked. However, what was the point of moving Agnle to RAW if he was just going to feud with Show? Hell, you could have kept both guys on SD! and saved us all the trouble.


Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio Jr. - This is really contingent on how much time they give it. If it goes a good 15 minutes, it has all the makings of a great match. If it curtain jerks and the Fed rushes it then it won't satisfy anyone.



I am really torn on this card. ON the one hand, I really want to see JBL-Benoit and Eddie-Rey but there is so much shit that I don't want to have to sit through.

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Guest Crucifixio Jones

I'm only interested in the matches featuring the Young Gunz:


Batista vs. Hassan




Carlito vs. Benjamin


Screw the rest of the card. If someone told me back in '97 that Summerslam '05 would feature HBK vs. Hulk Hogan, I'd have stopped watching wrestling after Austin won the title. I probably should've anyway.

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Guest KingPK

I knew it.


I fucking KNEW they were going to throw Kane and Snitsky into this. Never overlook the ability of WWE fucking up ANY good angle.


It's nice they're actually paying attention to the US title and all, but why should JBL take SUCH a step downward?


If Hassan wins the title, then it's bye-bye SD for a good while. Yeah, he can talk, but his promos get REAL tedious sometimes and he can't work for shit. They're in DC, so they probably just want an easy-made angle for the match (the descriminated Arab-American winning the title in the American capital from a guy from DC).


Rest of the card is bleh. HBK will probably get something from Hogan, but not enough to make it a good match.

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If Hassan wins the title, then it's bye-bye SD for a good while.  Yeah, he can talk, but his promos get REAL tedious sometimes and he can't work for shit.  They're in DC, so they probably just want an easy-made angle for the match (the descriminated Arab-American winning the title in the American capital from a guy from DC).

I don't expect Hassan to get the belt, but I didn't expect JBL to get the belt either, and their pushes (Vince gets angry about public backlash to something he's had them do) are very similar, so you never know.
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Guest EastCoastJ

For WWE, SummerSlam can't come soon enough in terms of the Edge/Hardy angle. It's going to keep losing steam by the week, and if they hope for any kind of a draw to come out of it, it needs to be a singles match at SummerSlam. They can't drag it out over a series of pay-per-views, the interest just won't be strong enough to make it worth it. People want to see Edge and Hardy in the ring together when the wound is still fresh enough for just the smallest chance of a real brawl being possible.

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Guest KingPK

Well, Meltzer seems to be on the ball with these things and it definitely looks plausible that we'll see these matches based on how things are progressing on RAW & SD.


Still, ANOTHER Rey vs. Eddie match? I assume then that Eddie goes over at GAB and Rey wants one more match to get retribution for Eddie airing dirty laundry in public.

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Guest SweetMama Scaat

9 Matches, half if which will need to be lenghty. I expect a couple of shorter crap mathces thrown in as oppossed to the ones listed.


Since tag matches seem to no longer exist, would it be that crazy to do a big 8 man tag or something


HBK/HOGAN annoys me. But it will be huge, the crowed will be popping like crazy, and it might help the buyrate. I dunno how well the tag match at backlash sold, but these are two iconic figures battlling...


Cena/Jericho I dont mind. Its got a certain Rock/Austin element to it. Now with bonus crappy music as oppossed to racial overtones.


Batista/Hassan works for me.


Carlito/Benjamin does as well.


Angle/Show is an acceptable match. But seems to exist jus to shove them on the card. Id rather see either guy find a tag partner and be ina tag title match, even if just for that night.


Chris Benoit/JBL...um, no.


Eddy/Mysterio will hopefully end soon. Great matches, but do yall really wanna see another month of an angle thats getting increasingly strange and aggravating?


The casket match has no business being on this pay per view.


If its jus Edge and Hardy Im down. Let them be brutal and thearputically fuck each other. Kane and Snikstky can stay far, far away from this match Am I the only ones whos tired of Kane? Hasnt he outlived his usefulness? Everyone in awhile I get a slight kick out of his "pyshco babyface" deal ala Cactus Jack. But, really would anyonemind if Kane jus retired?

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