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Wrestling Culture Episode 52


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I wrote a piece on Goldust a few weeks ago and I did watch a Savio Vega match from 1996. It was alright, but nothing special.


The thing about Dustin is that he is a great babyface, so his early Goldust stuff run as a heel is working against his strengths.


However, I recently watched his match against Vader from the 1998 Royal Rumble and had it at about ***1/2. There probably is more out there.

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Dave… The Jake feud with Earthquake was awesome


Other “Greatest Tag Guys of All Time” contenders… Ricky Morton, Bobby Eaton, Stan Lane, Larry Latham, Arn Anderson, Dennis Condrey, Jerry Lawler


On first seeing Goldust… I also had no idea it was Dustin Rhodes. Somebody pointed it out to me and it seemed so obvious at that point. However, Dustin’s WCW peak was when I was the least interested in wrestling in my life.


Goldust in the WWF… we need to revisit the 1995-1996 PPV matches because they do not have a good reputation online. Also, he was pushed in some pretty major programs. If he didn’t go higher on the card after this, I don’t know if I don’t blame Dustin for not going higher on the card.


Goldust vs. Marty Jannetty (In Your House 4)

Goldust vs Bam Bam Bigelow (Survivor Series 1995)

Goldust vs. Razor Ramon (Rumble 1996)

Goldust vs. Roddy Piper (Wrestlemania 1996) – No need to revisit. Loss likes this. I think it is ok.

Goldust vs. Ultimate Warrior (Good Friends, Better Enemies 1996) – I wouldn’t blame this on Goldust.

Goldust vs. Undertaker (Beware of Dog)

Goldust vs. Ahmed Johnson (KOTR 1996)

Goldust vs. Undertaker (International Incident 1996)

Goldust vs. Marc Mero (Summerslam 1996)

Goldust vs. Undertaker (Mind Games 1996)

Goldust vs. Marc Mero (Buried Alive 1996) – I really liked this when I watched it recently.



On being over… I can only go by what I heard at TLC recently, Punk is still more over along with Bryan and Cena. I think the Wyatts are getting that vibe going as well. The great thing about Goldust is that they don’t really pop for him during the intro, he grabs that heat by being such a great tag wrestler.


Things I wished you covered more... Goldust & Booker T. Creepy freaky Goldust prior to the Born Again gimmick.

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I'm going to try to take a look at some of those PPV matches that I didn't get to the other day in the next week or so. Also, I'm going to try to look at some of the fancams from 95-96 of which there seem a few. Not sure if my going through things is helpful or not but it's all stuff I really haven't seen so I'm looking forward to it.

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Finally getting caught up on this, you were 100% correct about Mark Scarpa being the guy with the breakdancing gimmick, he was Vincent Young in WCW and did jobs after that in WWF as Mark Young. Didn't know about Private Pyle but I can completely see that, good call on the Dave Meltzer lookalike.


Edit : Updating as I listen, the Headhunters were scheduled to be in the NWA Tag Title tournament but it ended up falling through, in the end they sent out Bob Cook and Arn Anderson under masks as the Headhunters.

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Thanks for all the feedback on the show


Will, the big thing about the Jake vs Earthquake feud was the crazily bad execution of the starting angle. Although a feud based on Earthquake doing something to Damien slightly worse than the things The British Bulldogs used to do to him backstage, the production of this was like Eugene's version of Houdini.


I'm not saying they should have actually killed the snake,


I'm not even saying they shouldn't have bothered with the angle in the first place.


I'm just saying I was probably more convincing in my feeble attempt to put on a magic show for my Grade 2 Class when I was eight years old.


Nothing up my sleeve...Presto!!!


1:24 Jake takes Damien out of the bag, thus proving he is there


2:45 Damien goes back into the bag, his last on-screen appearance


3:08 Jake ties the bag extra tight


4:03 For some reason, Jake hides the bag under the ring to keep him away from Earthquake who is afraid of him. Earthquake peaks under the ring on the other side


4:39 Earthquake pulls what must be the same bag from under the ring and throws it into same ring


4:52 Earthquake ties Jake up in the ropes Andre-style


5:40 Earthquake drags the bag to the middle of the ring


6:20 Earthquake goes for his Earthquake splash and the screen cuts away to Sean Mooney recoiling in horror, I assume on take six or seven. He keeps talking about something, I'm not sure what as I have this on mute while my wife "The Incredible Dr. Pol" on Nat Geo Wild, the show that is ironically about an incredible and unstoppable veterinarian, who was unfortunately not on retainer by WWF in 1991


7:30 We're back to the arena with Earthquake and Jimmy Hart celebrating and then leaving the ring


8:30 A freed Jake starts to open the bag, to identify the body I guess. The bag actually looks wet, and Jake even uses his teeth to untie it.


8:47 Jake looks in the bag and recoils in horror at the squashed gelatinous props that the bag contains.

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