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[2008-08-28-Dragon Gate] Masato Yoshino & Naruki Doi vs Dragon Kid & Shingo Takagi

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There is actually some good psychology to this in addition to the fun juniors spotfest. Shingo is looking like a monster early until Yoshino and Doi go to work on the right (lariat) arm. This evens things up a bit and slows the pace down, but they work their way up to a finishing run that defies description. It goes way too far on kickouts and big setup stuff, but for a spotfest it's just fine. Shingo ignoring the arm to hoist his opponents into powerbomb or fireman's carry position over and over is a bit off. Dragon Kid has some nice impact on his ranas. Doi's versatility comes in handy here. He can overpower DK, but he's speedy enough to keep up with him. And Shingo has the power advantage on Doi, so when Doi can manage to hit a power move on Shingo it's an accomplishment. Yoshino is good as FIP and his armwork is interesting to watch at least. Not gonna get a vote, just a fun match.

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Speed Muscle (Doi & Yoshino) vs SHINGO & Dragon Kid - DG 8/28/08


I don't hate Dragon Gate or spotfests in general. In fact, I think a spotfest a major card is a great idea to razzle dazzle an audience and present something unique. My idea of a spotfest tends to be a little different than Dragon Gate's idea. I am more into flips and splashes. Acrobatics really excites me. Weird modified pumphandle slams that are no going to be sold (they are registered, but they are not sold) do nothing for me. I do not understand their appeal. There is an audience for this, but it is not me. The real major issue I have is that there a lot of wrestlers doing what Dragon Gate does better. Marufuji and Ishimori are better at flying and will wow me that way. They are much more well-rounded than Dragon Kid, who is fucking around with his damn arm bands when he should be selling. KENTA is way better than Speed Muscle at the million miles an hour gimmick. Shuji Kondo, who is terribly underrated, crushes SHINGO in the oversized junior heavyweight, who is a complete wrestler. Dragon Gate's bread and butter should be mindless spotfests, but KENTA/Ishimori vs Marufuji/Ibushi crushed any of their mindless spotfests. They do not even hold a competitive advantage over NOAH. If NOAH just wanted to do "Dragon Gate" they would annihilate them in entertainment. What made Toryumon enjoyable and special was the mixture of comedy and acrobatics. What was the only pure Dragon Gate match that was any good featured Genki Horiguchi in a strong character role in a finish run that was memorable and engaging. Dragon Gate seems to have gotten away from that and turned into a super serious pro wrestling company that features knock-offs of everybody else.


SHINGO & Dragon Kid are a tag team, my nightmares are made of. Dragon Kid is so fucking useless. His spike hurricanrana is his only spot and it is totally on the opponent to make it look good. He sucks at offense and his selling maybe the worst in history. Dragon Kid may be the worst wrestler ever that is not El Gigante or someone. I just don't like SHINGO because he lacks all charisma. The match is built around Speed Muscle taking out his arm, but he still is constantly hoisting them up into weird slam positions so whjat's the point. I got on Kondo for this in his matches, but it was never as egregious as in this match. Spot of the match was Yoshino hitting a missile dropkick and landing into a perfect senton on SHINGO. Speed Muscle seems fun, but they suffer from the usual Dragon Gate flaws. During the finish run, SHINGO wipes out his own partner with a lariat. SHINGO has been trying to hit this lariat during the finish sequence and he finally hits it and you think damn all that work and he fucked his partner over. Dragon Kid true to form is up and running around 30 seconds. Damn, burying your own partner's move. Yoshino hits the Page Turner twice on Dragon Kid to win. SHINGO was trying in his own way to make this match special with his "selling", but he just carries no gravitas with me. Fuck Dragon Kid.

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