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Wrestlespective: Vader v. Hogan at SuperBrawl 5

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Dylan Hales and I discussed Hulk Hogan vs. Vader at WCW SuperBrawl 5. We talked about why this feud is perceived so negatively by some smart fans; how Vader's aura was affected by the buildup, the match and the later matches; how WCW had evolved into Hogan's image; what role Vader might have played against the New World Order; and why this is one of Hogan's best performances.


Check it out! http://www.voicesofwrestling.com/2014/06/13/hulk-hogan-vs-vader-superbrawl-5-wrestlespective-episode-198/


RSS: http://goo.gl/hrVnOY / iTunes: http://goo.gl/feA9qD / Stitcher: http://goo.gl/GbWdZG

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I'm halfway through and it's a great show so far. I just wanted to add a few things:


(1) Vader didn't win with the splash in WCW. It was a highspot he used mid-match, but he didn't beat anyone with it.


(2) They were pushing on TV that Flair and Vader were still enemies based on the 1993 feud. However, the day before the show, Flair did say that as the only guy in WCW that had faced both of them, Vader was going to destroy Hogan. Flair wasn't being pushed as a total OTT heel in retirement until he interfered at the finish.


(3) Fans at the time were thrilled to see Flair back and involved in something since WCW was so dismal without him. I'm curious why you are guys are down on his presence. If this is talked about more in the second half of the show, feel free to just say "Listen to the second half of the show."

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