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[1998-01-08-WCW-Thunder] Ultimo Dragon vs Juventud Guerrera


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Yea, poor Ultimo Dragon. Loses nine belts in the span of a week. That has to be a record.


I think the title switch was done here so that the first Thunder would have a memorable moment. Juvi wasn't exactly over at this point and this abbreviated title reign did nothing for him (or Ultimo Dragon for that matter).

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Juventud wins with the 450 splash, not the Juvi Driver. The win was definitely to get over the 'importance' of Thunder on it's debut show. The finish is pretty much the whole clip although we do get a replay of a modified Asai moonsault where Ultimo's face hits more of the apron than his body does Juventud.


RATING: Ultimo on his way down while Juventud is on his way up.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1998-01-08-WCW-Thunder] Ultimo Dragon vs Juventud Guerrera

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