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[1998-03-09-WCW-Nitro] Interview: Hulk Hogan


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Hogan has debuted the swank skull/angel wings shirt. We are already a week away from Uncensored? Damn, that was quick. Bischoff is shooting saying that Savage and a lot of his family owe everything to Hogan. Hogan cuts a good promo hyping up the cage match at Uncensored. He says he is the real Macho Man. I still can't decide whether this program feels old hat or still had enough legs on it. Stuff has been pretty heated and the promos have been good and felt fresh but it doesn't feel like WCW has a ton of confidence in it as they throwed it out with three weeks of build for a PPV.

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Hogan points out that it was Savage's choice to bring his EX-wife into the locker room to be one of the boys, and she DID the boys. Big "ooooh" from the crowd for that one. I still don't much care about seeing this match-up again but you can't fault the effort on this promo, which is full of fire and hate and venom.

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