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[1998-04-13-WCW-Nitro] Kevin Nash and Sting


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Nash and Savage isn't the direction I chose, but at least it was a direction. Now they're teasing problems between Nash and Savage just to further muddy things. Nash calls Sting out for a rematch because he thinks he would have been champion last week if not for Hogan running in. Sting shows up quickly and says let's make the match. Running the same main event for two consecutive weeks is a curious move when the WWF is gaining so much momentum. They were asleep at the wheel. Anyway, Nash vs Sting with the title on the line tonight and the powerbomb ban lifted. Sting is actually showing some real fire here which is nice, but something is still missing with him as the champ.

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This was the best Sting segment I can remember in a while as he sticks up to Nash and even invites him to use the powerbomb which JJ reluctantly agrees to. This feels like a really big main event again and WCW is more and more fighting for the win on Monday nights instead of building up their PPV's which is a shame.

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Yes, it's like they're actively trying to undermine Dillon in every on-air segment he's in. It's weird, even for WCW. This is a hot segment but there are a lot of logical holes here. Why should Nash be surprised that Savage isn't here? Granted, this is just a snapshot of the entire show, but should we expect Savage to be here after he got hit by a car on Thursday? Sting is good here but I'm not sure why this, of all things, is the event that sets him off so much. He swears on the mic, gives Nash a title match, the bat, and the power bomb, and throws a bunch of crotch chops at him. What caused this turnaround for a guy who was completely stoic for a year and a half? In any event, they gussied up this match enough that it carries some intrigue even if it's a repeat of last week.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1998-04-13-WCW-Nitro] Kevin Nash and Sting

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