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[1998-04-15-ECW-TV] Triple Threat and Taz


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The Triple Threat hit the ring and attack Kronus, leaving Chris Chetti alone with Shane Douglas. The audio is horrible because ECW could never figure out that aspect. Douglas is giving him a tongue lashing until Taz's music starts. Taz is about to cut a promo on Douglas when Chetti interrupts him and tries to be voice of reason. He ends up taking a beating from Taz for it. Douglas ends up daring Taz to break his arm, knowing the consequences are that right after he does it, the other Triple Threat members will destroy him. Taz seems like he's about to walk away, but ends up snapping Shane's arm instead.

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Nasty bump through the table at ringside by Kronus. Chetti is cousins with Taz we learn. That doesn't stop Taz from attacking him when he steps up to Taz. Also, DOuglas gets too big for his britches and Taz snaps his arm. Again, this was fine but not really conducive of selling WrestlePalooza in two weeks.

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ECW isn't just the same as it was 94-97. This feud should have built to the PPV with Taz going over. I was legit sold on Taz in 1998 as he plays the role perfectly .. and I was a Douglas mark back then. This thing doesn't blow off until early 1999 and Taz leaves shortly thereafter. I've been watching early 1993 SMW and when I noticed Taz was SHORTER than Kevin Sullivan - I realize how great Paul, and Taz for that matter, was at protecting that shooter gimmick.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1998-04-15-ECW-TV] Triple Threat and Taz

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