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[1998-04-27-WCW-Nitro] Interview: Kevin Nash & Randy Savage


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I realize that Bret turned heel, but acting like he committed this grave injustice by helping one NWO member beat another NWO member again reinforces the NWO as a heel faction instead of an outside renegade faction out to take over. Nash happily accepts the challenge from Sting and Giant to wrestle for the tag titles at Slamboree. Nash's promo is full of dated references that he's made before, and now he's feuding with Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Sting and The Giant. This main event picture is a mess.


Nash announces that Konnan has left Hogan's group and joined the Wolfpac with him and Savage, and says many more defections are on the way. I still think Nash wanted him by his side to make himself seem cool. Konnan does a pretty contemporary sounding promo actually. What a weird group of personalities.

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We get a survey from Nash and it still unsure whether he is face/heel/ or what at this point. He announces the Wolfpack is expanding and we get Savage officially joining as well as K-Dawg. I really hate K-Dawg and he cuts a promo here that did nothing to change that. Nash feels so muddled with all these feuds interspersed. WCW is in a pretty big rut with only a few highlights now. A far departure from a few months before where they only had a few lowlights in the show.

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Not a particularly good segment, as the WCW title is barely mentioned and is pretty much an afterthought--Hogan's not even in the building a week after his big win. Nash and Savage are sort of doing this modern-day WWE act where they have to do their normal shtick at all costs whether the story demands it or not. Savage is the newest member of the Wolfpac, at least until Nash introduces the new newest member: Konnan, who recites through *his* standard spiel and yes, I hate this guy already.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1998-04-27-WCW-Nitro] Interview: Kevin Nash & Randy Savage

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