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[1998-05-04-WWF-Raw] Jerry Lawler and Paul Bearer


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One of the most memorable segments of this time period to me, as they act like this is a shoot at first, with the camera being set down and Lawler and Bearer not realizing they're on the air and Lawler making all sorts of crude euphemisms about having sex with the Undertaker's mom. This was clever, because it was set up like we were seeing something we weren't supposed to see before getting to something that was obviously angle.


After the commercial, Lawler issues what is an obviously forced apology because he says he didn't realize was on the air.



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It's not long to wait until the birth of GTV. This was great stuff with Lawler and Bearer shooting the breeze. They actually managed to make the conversation feel like it wasn't staged. Not many guys could've pulled it off so well. It's time to update your log book Loss, we have more vital Undertaker & Kane backstory. The things that happened in that Funeral Home...

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This works better than a typical "shoot" segment because these guys break character in a way without actually breaking character or kayfabe at all. A good bit of inside-television stuff that still gets the proper storyline across. "I wasn't fat like I am now--in fact, Jerry, I was kind of studly!" Lawler and Bearer share a good laugh over how Undertaker's mother seduced virginal young Paul on the kitchen floor of the funeral home, resulting in Kane. Lawler does an "out of character" (again, not really) apology afterward.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1998-05-04-WWF-Raw] Jerry Lawler and Paul Bearer

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