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[1998-05-11-WWF-Raw] Sable vs Marc Mero


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Mero puts Sable in the TKO position to scare her, then takes her down and says they can drop this if she will apologize for trying to ruin his WWF career. Sable responds to that by kicking him in the nuts and giving him a very, very opponent-assisted Sablebomb. Good segment.

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That's at least 3 references to Viagra in the past week, so clearly that was the hot news item of the day. Lawler is rapidly approaching his "PUPPIES!" levels of obnoxiousness as he drools over Sable. This was fun, as Mero is so shamelessly into his role as a stooge, and even Sable's actually pretty good here.

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I noticed all the viagra references as well.


Sable's implants are beyond fucking ridiculous at this point. Perfect for 19 year old me, but 37 year old me knows it is quality not quantity. I think they need to change the saying from, "Like nails on a chalkboard" to "like Sable talking on the mic" I wonder how Brock deals with it.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1998-05-11-WWF-Raw] Sable vs Marc Mero

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