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[1998-05-25-WWF-Raw] The Rock vs HHH


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Last few minutes. Not much heat for this, and the match isn't very good. DX is over, but that isn't translating to HHH as an individual yet. Chyna hits Rock with the European title after a referee distraction, but Rock still kicks out of HHH's pin attempt. Mark Henry attacks HHH when he goes outside the ring so Chyna retaliates by hitting him from behind with a chair. They end up brawling to a double countout. Not particularly good, but an interesting look at these two at this point in time. Faarooq attacks Rock as he leaves the ring, even giving him a piledriver at the entrance while HHH looks on and laughs.

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I have been loving these RAWs but DX is by far the worst part of these shows. Ok, DOA is worse but DX is right there. That top Gun bs was so wicked lame. Rock looked better than HHH here. Very back n forth. No real sense of urgency. HHH no fire and his comeback with a face buster is lame. Is this beginning of Sexual Chocolate and his love for Chyna?


This felt like a 2016 match just with less workrate.

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I actually liked the action here better than anyone else, though maybe it's just because my standards are so low for what constitutes a good match in 1998-99. The near-fall off the belt shot was nice and these two are developing some good chemistry. We go to a rather lame DCOR but there's no point in having either guy job to the other yet, either. Faarooq's piledriver was definitely the best part of this, that was sick.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1998-05-25-WWF-Raw] The Rock vs HHH

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