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[1998-05-25-WWF-Raw] Steve Austin vs The Undertaker


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Vince is announced as the special referee for Austin-Undertaker. It's still fresh now, but we know eventually some of this stuff is going to be done to death. Once again, Vince's entrance is awesome, as he looks awfully proud of himself, has cleaned up and is flexing his muscles. Undertaker gets in Vince's face and ends up giving him a chokeslam. Kane saves Vince from a tombstone and the two of them brawl into the crowd. This was the first time anyone other than Austin ever put their hands on Vince.


Patterson and Brisco come out to check on Vince when Austin's music starts up. The stooges eat a pair of stunners and Austin ties Vince in the ropes. He grabs a chair when Dude Love comes out. Austin sees him coming and eats a chairshot of his own. Great stuff again.

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I love King saying "HEY VINCE!" when he gets in the ring. Taker chokeslamming Vince was huge and got a big pop but it kind of showed his cards for what would happen at the PPV. The chairshot Dude takes was nasty and if it was me, I would have reversed last weeks and this weeks ending angles.

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Yeah, we established last week that Austin shouldn't be able to overcome Dude + All the Stooges, so I can see the quibbling in having him lay everyone out this week. That said, we do establish that Austin can have someone in his corner and we establish that Undertaker has a reason for being there. And this was another HOT segment that left you not giving a fuck about not getting a big-time main event on TV, because it gave notice to two top angles and had a number of twists and turns with every moment still being allowed to breathe. Crash TV at its best.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1998-05-25-WWF-Raw] Steve Austin vs The Undertaker

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