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BRAINBUSTER FOUR : The One With The Whales

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It's Brainbuster Four!


Join me, Johnny Sorrow, and Producer Matt Denton as we welcome Tim Livingston, Pete, and returning champ Kelly to the Brainbuster arena. Will Kelly retain? Will Pete redeem himself? Will Tim hate Texas? Will there be lots of Lawler jokes? All these questions and more are answered on BRAINBUSTER! FOUR: The One With The Whales.



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I. Fucking. Love. Brainbuster! Best game show ever

Thank you. Best Game Show Ever is still Match Game, but thanks nonetheless.

Until you have Linda Hogan on Brainbuster...




Ha! That would do it! :-D ... New favorite online thread: Dream contestants on Brainbuster!

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I was surprised that Khan's name came up as a Paul Jones guy before Shaska Whatley. I also don't know why I had Hardbody Harrison mixed up with Hardwork Bobby Walker.


I do that all the time. They're both Hard black guys, lol.


And could Big Show count as a Paul Bearer guy? Wasn't Paul Bearer managing him and Taker as a team in 1999?

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I would have answered Hardwork Bobby Walker in about 2 seconds because as soon as Johnny started listing the charges I was like 'OHHH OHHH I KNOW THIS ONE!'


I had forgotten about Lawler running over a cop's foot and basically getting away with it. Sometimes it IS great to be The King.

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