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He was absolutely awesome in IWRG during that companies peak period, when we were getting multiple full length classics a week. That said he has not really impressed much sense, and I've seen little of what he did before (handful of matches here and there). Is he really a better candidate for something like than Freelance or Chico Che?

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He always had a great punch, great matwork and a brutal tope, so I'd say he was very good before peak IWRG. There's his stuff with Hijo del Santo and he consistently looks good to very good in the limited pre-2009 IWRG that I've seen, getting the most out of guys like Gigolo Americano, so he is more consistent than Freelance (disappointing matches) and has more stuff and more variety than Chico Che. There's a tag with Cerebro Negro against Virus and Suicida I've uploaded that is very much worth a look if you want to see what he could do. 2009-2011 he's off the charts for sure, benefitting from being around talented dudes but also carrying scrubs into high end matches.. Also, he is talked about in old DVDVRs as the craziest matworker around.

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I remember being a big fan like everybody else back in the early 2000s because of his wacky submissions and sweet mask. But I don't have anywhere close to a handle on him outside of whats in this thread. If anybody could do a primer with recommendations, I'd appreciate it! 

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I think his most famous/best regarded matches are his trilogy with Hijo del Santo. AFAICT two of them are online, the mano a mano and the mask match:
Dr. Cerebro vs El Hijo del Santo
Dr. Cerebro vs El Hijo del Santo (mask vs mask)
He had an excellent title match with Felino from around that time as well, which was on Youtube at one point but apparently no longer.

People who followed IWRG's hot run in real time probably know his best matches from that period more than I do, but I thought his best match from that period was his title match with Multifacetico:
Part one, part two

And my favorite from his post-GWE run is this 2019 match with Erick Ortiz, another technical match in front of a tiny crowd in Nuevo Leon that saw not only a lot of crazy holds but also some really creative counters:
Dr. Cerebro vs Erick Ortiz

Dr. Cerebro made an immediate impact on me when I was watching Black Terry matches, and I've been watching as much of him as I can over these past few months. He's awesome. Great in IWRG, and in the 2010s he pops up in small arenas across the countries to challenge locals of varying ability to mat wrestling contests. Probably should be mentioned when discussing Mexico's most skilled technical wrestlers, and he wasn't like a duck out of water when he left the mat. Extremely smooth and athletic off the ropes and in the air as well.

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Here's the missing title match from December 2000. I thought I had the Felino singles but it seems that show is not on these discs. Frustrating.



I actually was making some recommendations in the GWE Discord just a couple days back. I'm not sure how high he'll go but he's been relatively good since like 1996. He's more in the Hechicero vein than Solar/Navarro and I appreciate that as he brings a certain novelty to his matwork that always makes you think 'huh, I've not seen that before!'. As a maestro he beats to his own drum, which is a pity as he's always played second fiddle to other guys on the card (and in niche, English speaking forums) who might not be as good as him. 


If I was to make a small (and in no way comprehensive) primer I'd suggest:


Early Career matwork:

Vs Ultimo Vampiro May 2000

Vs Felino Jan 2001

Vs Santo Dec 2000

w/ Cerebro Negro vs Virus y Mike Suicida 2005

Early bloodletting brawls

Vs Santo Feb 2001 (Mano a Mano NOT the mask  match)

Carrying green workers to good matches:

Vs Multifacitico 2011

Vs Deccnis 2010

He's a little long in the tooth but he'll still tie you up in pretzels

Vs Comando Negro 2011

Vs Virus 2015

Vs Solar 2015 (?) 

Vs Hechicero 2016

Vs Bombero Infernal 2018

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