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Post-Mania 32 Raw


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Crews is actually one of the few guys who seems like a better fit for the main roster. He's not really going anywhere in NXT. I don't mind this.


Sucks that Breeze is his sacrificial lamb though. What a waste.



Have a feeling Crews won't be the only guy that Breeze is going to have to put over in their RAW debut


So they really are acting like the "women's championship" has never happened before huh. So in the WWE history books is Moolah and Sherri Martel considered a "divas" champion now

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My favourite thing about Roman is all of the double speak of "He rebelled against authority!" "He dared to challenge the system!" "He's a man of the people!" on TV when he's literally the opposite of all of those things in real life.


Tonight is going to be brutal.


I kind of wonder what would happen if they put Reigns vs Cena. I don't think he'd get cheered even vs Cena. Either people are forced to cheer for Cena as the lesser of two evils, or they get tossed out of the building like Cena vs Orton.

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