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Things you like about wrestling


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Since the NYR thread has branded some of us as being a little too negative, I thought I'd start a thread for us to list the things we like about wrestling. I'll start.


I like the goosebumps I get watching Ric Flair make his entrance at Chi-Town Rumble '89.

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I love ring entrances. Not the way WWE does them now but a few different styles others have used. Great music, a charasmatic wrestler, cheering fans and a wrestler having to push his way through a sandwhiched crowd rules all.l


I also love long New Japan style ramp style entrances. They have the epic feel.



I'm not a wrestler but I do love the feeling you get from having a shoot match, a crowd cheering you or from practising moves. I love the adrenaline you get from it. It's addicting.


I love watching the Dynamite Kid wrestle in Stampede. I love his kneedrops.


I love the Stan Hanson lariat video that was posted on deathvalley driver. Nothing but lariats and lariats and lariats and lariats. Hiiiii!


I love the ring passion exhibited by top notch wrestlers in the ring. This is the main reason why I like wrestling. I can watch Benoit vs Austin or the Owen/Basserb vs Viet Cong express tags and just feel the passion emenating from the TV screen. I love the rush feeling that in turn gives me.


I love getting caught up in the action and drama so much that it overtakes you. I love it when for example like in Benoit vs Austin I see everyone around me get completely sucked into it.


I love the athletic prowess and dedication it takes to do this. I love seeing people take themselves to the limit and beyond. I love how wrestlers love this so much that they'll work through injuries and whatever else to do it. I love the survival aspect to it. I get motivated from that.


I love how natural Marc Rocco looks in the wrestling ring


I love the Macho Man kicking out of the Ultimate Warrior's finisher at Wrestlemania


I loved how everyone of these matches put goosebumps on my arms. Some of them had me jumping out of my seat or tears starting to form around the eyes.


Aja Kong vs Megumi Kudo title fight

Sakie Hasegawa vs Toshiyo Yamada

Dynamite Kid vs Tiger Mask 4/83

Benoit vs Austin from Edmonton

Dynamite Kid vs Cobra Junior Finals

Bret Hart vs Dibiase -- Survivor Series 90

Ozaki/Fukuoka vs T.Inoue/Hotta 12/92


I love the bigger than life aspect to wrestling.

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Guest SweetMama Scaat

Since most of the negativity comes from the current/recent product Im gonna keep my list more recent-



-Gail Kim getting hotter since she went to TNA

-TNA wrestlers cutting promos/doing run ins in their street clothes as oppossed to their oridnary ring gear

-Batista's Steve Harvey suits

-JBL Promos

-Trish Stratus as a whole

-Carlito and Masters as a tag team

-COLE AND TAZZ on commentary. The best annouce team in a long while

-Booker T and Sharmell's current antics

-Seeing guys like Lashley and Kennedy slowly evolve

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Guest bravesfan

I like how the Rumble and its build still holds that same old "up in the air" feeling to the crowd, especially when this is the first time in years that the Rumble may be too hard to predict who's in at the end.

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I like coming onto wrestling message boards and learning about matches I may have missed out on if not for the internet.


Then after acquiring said matches, I like to watch the matches and see if my opinion is similar to other internet geeks.


THen I like arguing with others who's opinion does not match mine.

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Guest Mike Campbell

I like Jim Cornette's rants. Being a person who doesn't get angry often, I really try to let it fly 'Cornette style' when someone does get me angry. And I've stolen a few of his lines over the years.


I like fun tag matches, even though you know what the finish will probably be, the ride there is so much fun that it doesn't matter if the person you've been routing for, winds up losing.


I like being simply in awe, with a big grin on my face, as I'm watching an awesome match.

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